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New Year Resolutions to Live Plastic-Free in 2020

Plastic pollution is causing irreversible damage to our planet at an alarming rate. The majority of plastic manufactured globally is used only once, and then sadly thrown away. This is a disturbing fact as plastic can take anywhere from decades to thousands of years to break down. Now is the time to eliminate plastic from your lifestyle, from the home to beauty needs, so why not make some new year’s resolutions to live plastic-free in 2020?

Christina Kjaergaard, Commercial Manager at Pure Planet Club said, “We are committed to providing personal care products that contain only the finest, safest, most natural organic ingredients so they’re as kind to your skin as they are to the environment. Pure Planet Club products are always free from plastic, aluminium, parabens, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Everything we produce is manufactured without harming animals and is sustainably and ethically sourced.”

It is Pure Planet Club’s mission to not only save our forests, but to protect our wildlife, waterways and oceans. Go plastic-free today to protect the Earth for tomorrow's inhabitants.

Christina Kjaergaard suggests five new year resolutions to go plastic-free in 2020:

1. I will bring my own shopping bags. This one has come a long way in Australia since the ban of plastic shopping bags. We now have so many wonderful, creative and practical bag options out there, so I encourage you to go shopping for bags to take shopping! Grab yourself a bunch to keep and reuse every time you go shopping. Compact ones are light and convenience to slip in any handbag, so then you have no excuse! Or, why not reuse all your delivery boxes before recycling? Pure Planet Club’s toilet paper cartons are perfect for grocery shopping with die cut handles, making it easy to carry around.
2. I will say goodbye to disposables, for real. Take-away plastic cups, forks, knives and food containers are on the way out. It began with the switch from plastic straws to recyclable paper types, but now all the hype is trendy re-usable metal straws. Next year, more people will opt for eco-conscious options. When you buy something, consider its life expectancy. How long can it be used, and will it have more than one use? When you’re finished, will it end up in landfill?
3. I will choose eco-conscious beauty products. Think about your toothbrush, hairbrush and all those other beauty products you use that are packaged in ridiculous amounts of plastic. It’s time to say goodbye to plastic beauty goods. Look for plastic-free options made from compostable and recyclable packing, uncoated paper, or even bamboo. Try Pure Planet Club’s new organic lip balms.
4. I will never buy bottled water ever again. Water from the tap is perfectly beautiful, pure and free. Why pay for bottled water in the first place, especially when it’s in a plastic bottle you’ll just toss in the bin! I feel strongly about this one – everyone should invest in a good refillable, thermos style bottle, then there is no need for bottled water.
5. I will swap to an eco-friendly plastic-free toilet paper. Try a toilet paper made from 100% plant-based materials bamboo and sugarcane waste, like Pure Planet Club toilet tissue – their new marine collection is full of fun marine animal facts and cute designs! It’s also BPA-free, cruelty free, biodegradable and vegan-friendly. Making this simple choice means you save wiping out 27,000 trees which is normally used to make toilet paper per day.
Pure Planet Club Toilet Tissue is available now for RRP $48.00 per 36 pack carton or $43.20 per carton on subscription.

Pure Planet Club Organic Lip Balms are available now in four flavours including Natural, Vanilla, Raspberry and Mint, available in 3-packs for RRP $30 delivered to your door.