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No-wool week

Dear Editor,
"Wool Week" is the ideal time for everyone to consider the brutality of the wool industry and resolve to use alternative fabrics.
The appalling cruelty in Australian shearing sheds was revealed by a PETA exposé in 2014, and helped lead to the first-ever convictions of shearers anywhere in the world for cruelty to animals.
The wool industry told us this a "wake-up call" and vowed to stamp out these abuses. Yet subsequent video exposés (accessible at PETA.org.au) reveals that absolutely nothing has changed. Workers continue to beat, stamp on, kick, mutilate, and throw sheep around while shearing them. Shearers violently punch these gentle animals in the face and beat and jab them in the head with sharp metal shears. These attacks often leave the petrified sheep bleeding from the eyes, nose, and mouth.
Many lambs are also forced to endure a gruesome procedure called “mulesing”, in which huge chunks of skin and flesh are cut from the animals’ backsides, sometimes without any painkillers.
The best way to stop this violence is by refusing to buy the industry’s products. Check the label when you’re shopping. If it says "wool," just leave it on the shelf.
Mimi Bekhechi
Campaigns Strategist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Australia)
PO Box 20308 World Square
Sydney, NSW, 2002.
(08) 8556-5828