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Object Consulting Triumphs at Microsoft Partner Awards

Object Consulting is delighted to announce that it has been acknowledged as a Finalist in the prestigious Innovation Partner of the Year Award at the 2010 Microsoft Partner Awards (MAPA), announced at Microsoft’s APC Conference on the Gold Coast yesterday evening. Object Consulting was acknowledged for its work in building applications with ‘wow factor’ using Microsoft’s Surface and multi-touch technologies.

MAPA celebrates Microsoft partners “... who have used Microsoft technologies in an original way to solve customer needs and challenges” in the past year.  Object Consulting was one of three Finalists for the Innovation Partner of the Year, for innovation demonstrated through its solutions such as Connected Experience, which harnesses multi-touch technologies into applications that help retail, banking, government and other organisations engage their customers.

Object Consulting’s Connected Experience Solution provides a platform for building information-rich applications, delivered on devices that use Windows 7 multi-touch – including Surface, digital signage, Windows 7 touchscreens and Windows 7 phones.  

Kevin Francis, Object Consulting’s National Microsoft Practices Manager, comments: “Being acknowledged by Microsoft as a Partner who develops and delivers exceptional Microsoft-based solutions over the past year is a significant achievement.

“Object is pioneering the use of computers in ways and in places that companies had not considered before – with an eye to helping business truly engage the customers on their premises.

“The strategy behind these innovations is achieving a vastly increased ratio of closed sales and greater opportunities for businesses to upsell or provide timely advice to their customers. In short, we believe – and we are beginning to see – that innovation really is a source of competitive advantage – and so we are delighted to have Object Consulting’s innovation strategy endorsed by Microsoft via this Award.”

Based on the Connected Experience platform, Object Consulting is tailoring applications that are driven by natural gestures and visually engaging graphical user interfaces.  This rich user experience is particularly well suited to effectively demonstrating products that:
•    Require data input or financial modelling (for instance, when demonstrating the impact of different  financial products  to the customer’s circumstances)
•    Are complex or have complicated options
•    Need to be visualised (for instance, when putting together tailored travel or retail packages)
•    Enable customer self-service at the business premises (while helping the organisation track customer interactions so as to provide timely assistance)
•    Allow a web shopping experience to be easily completed in-store in an engaging way without losing the customer

Object has already successfully deployed a number of Connected Experience installations for customers in financial services, and has several more underway – or in the planning stages - in the retail, real estate and public sectors.

Object, who is one of fewer than 20 Microsoft Surface Strategic Partners globally, is assisting Microsoft on future product developments. The company is also partnering with Hewlett-Packard to leverage the full capabilities of its hardware in Connected Experience Solutions.

George Creighton, Marketing Manager – Microsoft Surface Team described Object’s development as delivering “.... an exemplary customer experience utilizing Microsoft Surface. We very much value their partnership and look forward to their bringing more outstanding customer experiences to our shared valued customers.”

Object Consulting has outlined core elements of its Connected Experience Solution at www.touchingthesurface.com.au.

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