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Oceans Décor Accommodates Resurgence in Demand for Macramé Creations

Oceans Decor is an E-commerce business dealing with home decor, wall decor, wall art, wall maps, scratch maps, soft furnishing, decorative tapestry, paintings, and DYI paintings.

From home décor to swimwear, macramé creations were trendy and fashionable accessories for homes and businesses around the world in the 1970s. The art form is experiencing a resurgence in popularity due to artistic Millennials and Oceans Décor is a leader in decorative macramé featuring different materials, sizes, colors and themes.

Individuals can select from a wide range of macramé décor ranging from tapestries and dreamcatchers to hanging shelves. Customers can also choose from pillow covers, wall pocket hangers, and macramé wall hanging plant holders at Oceans Décor.

Some of the most striking and innovative creations available include handmade macramé curtains that add an air of bohemian style to living rooms and bedrooms. The boutique can also accommodate custom-made hammocks. Each is made-to-order and able to hold 120kg (265 lbs.). Cat owners can order a macramé bed for their feline in which to recline in regal repose. The one-of-a-kind cat cradle is safe, sturdy and a stylish addition for any home.

Consumers can select from multiple types of macrame wall hangings that are beautiful and functional. One of those is wall pocket hangers that provide an ideal space for magazines and can also act as an organizer. For those with a love of books, Oceans Décor offers a three-tiered macramé shelf for plants, spices, knick-knacks, nurseries, or keeping favorite books.

Large macrame wall hangings, tapestries and dreamcatchers are a popular focus and there are multiple styles from which to choose at Oceans Décor. Shoppers can select dreamcatchers with floral patterns, shooting stars, and the moon. The large wall hangings are offered in an array of styles to accommodate a myriad of preferences.

Macramé products are again in the spotlight due to artistic Millennials and an increased interest in raising plants and redecorating while under pandemic lockdowns. Oceans Décor is meeting the demand for unique, innovative and distinctive macramé creations to beautify any environment and accommodate any desire.

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