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OLPC launches its Give 1, Get 1 promotion in Australia

Buying a laptop for one child means a second gets one too


The Australian affiliate of the global not-for-profit organisation, One Laptop per Child (OLPC), will launch a Give 1, Get 1 promotion on November 30 to raise awareness of the OLPC initiative, the low-cost, low-power XO laptop and its benefit to children in remote and rural communities.

OLPC’s mission is to improve the opportunities of children in the developing world through education. The XO laptop is a tool developed by OLPC to help children learn and connect to each other, and, if they wish, to the world via the Internet.

OLPC is chaired by visionary Nicholas Negroponte and is based in Cambridge, MA, USA. To date, OLPC has distributed more than 500,000 XO laptops in 31 countries and is on its way to delivering one million laptops by the end of 2008. The Australian operation aims to work with local and federal governments in Australia and the Pacific region to bring children a brighter future, bridging the gap between communities and overcoming the digital divide.

Under the Give 1, Get 1 promotion the purchase of one XO laptop will also cover the provision of a second laptop for a child in remote Australia or the Pacific Islands. The promotion is aimed at consumers who want to buy a low cost but powerful laptop for a child in their life while also supporting this education initiative.

“At Christmas many parents will be looking at electronic devices and games for their children,” said Rangan Srikhanta, Executive Director, One Laptop per Child Australia.  “The OLPC XO laptop is the perfect option because it educates and entertains children and, with the Give 1, Get 1 promotion, will give people a chance to spread the Christmas spirit to children in rural and remote areas, including Aboriginal communities, and to our neighbours in the Pacific Islands.

“When Australians buy an XO laptop we will donate a second one to a disadvantaged child. Some people may even want to donate both laptops to the program.”

The OLPC XO laptop has been designed specifically for primary school-aged children. It is small, durable and comes ready-loaded with many educational and entertaining software programs, also known as “activities”, that engage children in the process of learning.

The colourful, textbook-sized laptops have a transformer hinge that enables them to be configured for standard laptop use, e-book reading and gaming. The rubber-membrane keyboard and touch-pad support pointing, drawing and writing functions for an interactive learning experience. The laptop has a dual-mode, high-resolution display that allows it be used in direct sunlight. Being water, shock and dust resistant, the XO is incredibly durable and boasts a life expectancy of five years.

The XO laptop can be ordered online at www.laptop.org.au/participate. Participation in the Give 1, Get 1 program costs US$399, plus GST and shipping charges. Once a customer has placed their order online, one laptop will be shipped to them and a second laptop will be reserved for a child in remote Australia or the Pacific.  A limited supply is available for delivery in time for Christmas.