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Online auction platform plugs hole in property owners' pockets

Monday, 20 March 2017: On average, more than 500,000 properties exchange hands in Australia every year, according to the Reserve Bank. With a median price well above half a million dollars, and agent commission rates higher than 2%, Australia's real estate agencies stand to make more than $6 billion in commission off Australia's property owners this year alone.

Or at least they would have.

Sale Ezy is Australia's newest online property auction platform, and from just $1,500 until sold, the website gives property owners the option to sell their property themselves, with the help of a fully-automated system and experienced support team.

"Sale Ezy was an idea we initially brought to life ten years ago," says founder and Director, Allan McDonald. "We launched in 2007, as the very first online auction platform for properties. We enabled Australian real estate agents to use the system to reach more buyers who could bid from anywhere in the world."

The 2007 launch was a big success and the agent-based Sale Ezy facilitated the sale of millions-of-dollars worth of property.

"Agents used it, but more than anything, agents offered to buy it. They wanted to keep it for exclusive use within their brand, or remove it from the market completely, foreseeing its eventual transition into a platform that could be used directly by the public — something that would change the face of real estate in Australia ."

After several years under construction and testing, the new and improved Sale Ezy launched in early 2017 — and not surprisingly, it gives Australian property owners the option to cut out agents, avoid commission and sell their home, land or farm themselves.

"As a regional real estate agent myself, obviously I see the implications of a platform like Sale Ezy. But with your average commission in the city bringing in around $20,000 for an agency — and often much, much more, it just seems time people are given a choice as to whether they want to use an agent, or sell their property themselves and save money to invest in their next place, their kids' education or something equally important," says Allan.

"Real estate is changing and Australia can really lead the way if we want to. Sure, we've seen a few so-called disruptors enter the market, but so far they are all just another real estate service that put money back in agent's coffers, or sites that say they sell, but actually just advertise — and consumers really need to be careful and look out for that. Sale Ezy is your first true disruptor, it's providing an option to take some of that cash out of the agent's hand and put it back in the pocket of the owner."

Sale Ezy offers property owners the opportunity to list their own property, once they have a contract of sale from their solicitor. They can schedule an automated auction, control reserve and base price, or promote the property on the Best Offer platform so interested people can make binding offers before the auction begins. With multi-layered ID checking, a built-in open home RSVP system and a support team who can help with everything from pricing and copyrighting to organising photographers; the platform allows the property owner to customise and control their sales experience.

"Having started my career as a stock and station agent, working on Australia's first online auction platform, and now in real estate for more than 30 years, I honestly believe this is the next step for our industry. It introduces new options and more capacity for fairness — sure some people will still want to use an agent (which they can also choose to do with the platform), but those who really want to make the most of the sale of their biggest investment will give Sale Ezy a try."

Sale Ezy's latest release is new to the market and looking for property owners who would like to sell. Visit www.saleezy.com.au or call 1300 662 013 for more information.