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Optimizer International Group, Inc.'s long awaited email address cleaning solution ListWise HQ goes live

Today Optimizer International Group, Inc. (3OP.F) launched ListWise HQ, a powerful web based email address cleaning system that helps high volume (bulk) email marketers keep their email marketing lists clean and free of bounces. This mind-numbingly simple tool that intelligently cleans a company’s lists ensures better delivery and response rates and therefore helps to boost email marketing results. ListWise HQ enables to maintain a high list quality and protects its reputation by avoiding blacklisting.

Manas Kumar, CEO of Optimizer HQ, says: “Over the last two weeks we have received a staggering number of pre registrations, which clearly shows us that there is a strong demand for ListWise’s system of detecting and also predicting with accuracy when and how an email address might bounce, without actually sending an email to that address. Now we are in a position to help customers proactively weed out invalid, duplicate or non-existent emails from their list, which will save them a lot of time and protect their reputation.”

ListWise HQ works on either a one off pre-paid credit system or a low monthly plan is available for businesses that have an ongoing requirement to clean their email lists. The 3 step process of buying credits, uploading a subscriber list and then downloading the clean list is refreshingly easy and time efficient. Alternatively, through the use of an API, developers also have the option to validate email addresses used in online sign ups on the fly. Key features include accurate email address validation, auto typo fixing and de-duplicate & no-reply removal.

About ListWise HQ
ListWise HQ is the secret weapon every successful bulk marketer uses to separate the wheat from the chaff. When new lists are being acquired, the purchaser rarely has any clues about the percentage of email addresses that will bounce or end up as invalid. Of course every list broker will tell that their list is "double opt in" and "100% clean", but we all know better. For more information visitListWise HQ.

About Optimizer HQ
Optimizer HQ
is a fast paced ‘innovation factory’ that serves the purpose of simplifying technology for small businesses around the world using the internet as a delivery vehicle. On November 30th, 2011 the company began trading on the Deutsche Boerse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) as a public listed company and is one of only 8 New Zealand based companies trading on this exchange along with some other recognizable brands such as Fletcher Building, Telecom Corporation, Auckland International Airport and New Zealand Oil and Gas.