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Outsourcing Taking Over Work From Home Culture For Many Organizations

Many states in Australia has recently opened up after a lockdown marathon, but we are yet not ready to be out in the open without the fear of the virus. Consideration the safety of the employees, numerous organisations, are continuing to allow employees to work from home as the uncertainty of COVID still hovering over our heads. It is quite intriguing that most organisations have felt a surge in productivity in overall work. The main reason for this is the elimination of commute time of employees. Also, there is a reduction in distraction by co-workers and those long coffee breaks. Businesses are saving not just in energy bills but also in stationaries, office snacks and in few cases office space cost as well.

While work for home is benefitting a lot of employees and employers, there are businesses and personnel who are still struggling to cope up with the new normal. While for few industries work from home is not even an option, and for those who can adapt to this structure, few are still unable to take full advantage of all the benefit it provides. Work from home is stressful for employees as it increases stress level in regards to work-life balance. But the most substantial issue is that of trust level between employer and employees, which can then lead to further problems.

This is where outsourcing is playing a significant role in helping businesses not just survive but also in achieving business goals. Many organisations are quick on their feet and realise they can operate with fewer workers or perhaps cheaper workers located overseas while not facing any obstruction due to local lockdown. While work from home structure has been implemented worldwide recently due to COVID, outsourcing has been an integral part of the economy for several decades now. There is a transparent and efficient system in place when it comes to outsourcing which work from home lacks. Outsourcing allows a business to put all their efforts on the core business activity and outsourcing other vital activity which are complex and time-consuming in nature.

Here is what Mr. Prateek Kapoor of Whiz Consulting states “We have been providing outsourced accounting & bookkeeping services from over a decade now and have served businesses belonging to diverse range industries in all over Australia. During the past few months, many of our existing clients who were availing services like Accounts Reconciliation, Accounts Payables or any other small consulting services have been shifted to full-fledged end to end accounting services as they have to cut down on overhead expenses.” Whiz Consulting is an outsourced bookkeeping and accounting company in Australia which also provides taxation, advisory, payroll services. They provide their services to all types of business, be it start-ups, SMEs, or larger organisation.

The COVID pandemic has made us realize the potential of IT & automation; now, every other business is dependent on it for the smooth functioning of business activities. One such business activity is accounting, and during the lockdown, it became a necessity for businesses to move their book of accounts to accounting software from their physical books. Whiz Consulting with its team of professional bookkeepers, CPAs and accountants who are proficient in accounting software like MYOB, Xero, QuickBooks and other popular software, aids businesses in reducing time and money invested in the finance function and help businesses with strategic financial planning.

 Mr. Prateek said “Past several months, after the lockdown, has been a busy period for us as we are constantly working to serve our existing clients in the best way possible and guide them with all the required financial strategies and additionally, we are also catering to new clients the numbers of which have increased quite drastically. We believe that outsourcing can replace work from home, and we are already witnessing the same.”