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Overcome Trolling, Scandals and Cancel Culture by Future Proofing Your Reputation

The harsh realities and unrelenting pressure of a public profile means proactively managing your reputation is more important than ever before

Trolling, cancel culture, negative attention and the resulting public frenzy are all aspects of the harsh reality and unrelenting pressure of having a public profile.

There’s so much that public personas are dealing with while managing their reputation and careers and it’s easy to get caught up in the negativity and retreat. 

Yet research shows that a public personality’s reputation grows positively on the back of how they deal with the challenges of their public life. So while reputation is partly about judgement and information it often is a product of direct or replayed experience. What a personality does, and how they do it, and how others then talk about it, matters above all else. 

Unfortunately, most public personalities currently use “reputation management” only to mitigate damage during and after a scandal. 

However, it is crucial to establish, protect and manage your reputation and confidently deal with trolling and negative attention before it becomes a crisis - when you have credibility and social capital in the bank. 

Today, we’re excited to announce a big step towards doing that.

Introducing INNURI.
INNURI is the world's first personal and proactive reputation scorecard. An online, secure, anonymous and highly discreet self assessment that lets individuals - from actors, musicians, politicians, cultural shapers, celebrities, sports heroes, key opinion leaders and even influencers - take stock of the factors that could impact your reputation and proactively make the best choices for your future.  

INNURI is in essence, a proactive reputational risk analysis tool, that helps you:
- Pinpoint weak areas of focus and receive best in class strategies to build a positive reputation so that if there were a scandal, reputation capital is already built with the community.  
- Measure 200+ traits against 6 major pillars of your reputational self - your personal and private life, your ethics, as well as EQ, leadership, persona and legacy. 
- Learn how to use second order thinking to help guide your reflection, choices and action points. 
- Get insights, tools, knowledge and support to build up your reputation positively and overcome trolling, cancel culture and negative attention. 

The Benefits.
Our research and insights have told us that our target audience - senior executives, corporate leaders, politicians, celebrities, influencers media, entertainment, sports personalities and cultural shapers - are now under increasing scrutiny from their stakeholders and that behaviour has become a part of the social licence under which brands, leaders and public personas now have to operate.

What leaders and public personalities are waking up to is that their behaviour is now closely tied to their company's and brand’s bottom line. They’re realising the fact that they can’t get away with poor behaviour, neither can ignore any moral and ethical grey areas in their personal and working life.

In turn, public personas want to have tools at hand to discreetly manage their reputation, pinpoint areas of weakness and mitigate any risk that could potentially harm their income or lifestyle.

The problem is many don’t know how to mitigate these moral and ethical dilemmas. They use brand reputation ratings and behaviour management courses - which do very little to address the personal choices leaders make that might impact on their reputation and that of their brands and companies they lead. 

Current evaluations and training available in the marketplace does very little to enable self assessment and accountability. They also include ‘360° feedback tools’ which while incorporating peer assessments, only make respondents hide their true actions, choices and thinking for fear of ridicule and shame.

What the marketplace has needed for a long time, is a discreet, non judgemental and private accountability tool that helps those in the public sphere measure both personal and public factors that could impact their reputation, and nurture the positive aspects.

We listened and kept this feedback top of mind as we designed the benefits.

What our members can expect to experience when they put INNURI’s insights into practice:
- Enhanced competitive advantage (distinctiveness) plus better results when negotiating fees and payment for services. 
- Better access to capital, increased income and stability.
- Strong peer and marketplace respect plus goodwill and a second chance when facing a crisis. 
- The ability to weather market downturns. 
- Sustainable partnerships and relationships plus increased trust, confidence, support and investment from key stakeholders and much more. 

An hour of your time for a lifetime of great reputation.
INNURI’s Reputation Insights Scorecard (RIS) assessment uses psychology, EQ, brand management insights and personality science to guide your self assessment. Discover your reputational score and receive a results insights report that highlights strengths, blind spots, and how you could further enhance your reputation. The RIS assessment measures over 200 traits and is a quick, proactive way to review and adjust the key components of your reputation in less than an hour. It’s discreet, anonymous and secure - and best of all, it’s available all year round.

Reputation insights for executive teams at scale.
INNURI is not only for individuals. Our corporate offering is aimed at coaches, publicists and even managers who can now empower their clients and teams with the world’s leading and best in class reputation scorecard. INNURI helps managers and coaches guide their clients better by empowering them to proactively manage their brand reputation, mitigate scandal and reduce risk. Seamless, private discretion that delivers reputational management insights at scale.

The INNURI promise.
INNURI is not about policing behaviour - because no else other than the respondent can assess themselves and see their responses. We don’t make available individual responses from anyone’s scorecard. INNURI is also not about telling you how to live; it’s about giving you pointers to think about your choices and ask yourself privately and honestly, which of these choices could harm your reputation? More importantly, what could harm your family, relationships, income and future. Then giving you the opportunity to act accordingly.

Why wouldn’t you want to protect what you’ve worked so hard for?


INNURI’s Reputation Insights Scorecard is now available globally and takes just under an hour to complete. Clients subscribe to an annual membership and receive year round access to the scorecard, plus multiple resources to help grow and scale their influence and reputation. To sign up, visit www.INNURI.com.