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P. Princi Food Makes it Easy to Celebrate Australian Holidays and those from Across the Ocean

P. Princi Food Services is a butcher shop operating on Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield and also has a factory in O'Connor where it supplies to many of the State’s best-known restaurants.

While Australians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving the way that people in the U.S. do, there’s an increasing demand for turkeys around the time of the American holiday. There are several reasons for that and P. Princi Food Services has stepped up to meet the demand.

American ex-patriates are largely fueling the desire for the big-breasted birds as they savor one of their tastiest traditions, even far away from home. Europeans also account for an increase in sales at this time of the year as part of traditional feasts. Considered by many as the best butcher Perth, P. Princi Food Services’ award-winning hams are still a preferred product.

Another reason for the rise in turkey sales is the health benefits as an alternative to obtaining protein. Australia is a land of many cultures and traditions, and a number of Australians are also adopting the Thanksgiving custom of their American cousins. Many Australians are purchasing turkeys in November to practice on in preparation for their big December holiday.

It doesn’t matter whether individuals are celebrating traditional Australian holidays or one from across the ocean, Perth meat is a favorite. The selection runs the gamut from premium cuts of beef, goat, lamb, pork, and veal, along with poultry that includes chicken and turkey. Customers also have an extensive selection of sausage, smallgoods, BBQ packs, and kababs from which to choose, and whole hogs or a side of beef for a backyard celebration.

Ordering is as easy as pulling up a browser window and choosing from a comprehensive online selection. Orders are delivered direct to the customer’s door and there’s only a flat $5 delivery charge on all metro orders for complete convenience. Families can take advantage of the festive hampers offered by the Perth butcher each week or select prime cuts for their own recipes and unique cuisine whether they’re celebrating their own traditions or trying something new.

About P. Princi Food Services

The Princi family has been working in the butchering industry for seven generations – both in Italy and in Perth. The tradition began when Pasquale Princi immigrated to Australia in the early 1950s. He immediately obtained a butcher’s job and opened his first store in the early 1960s. The company has won dozens of awards in numerous categories across Australia, earning his son Joe, who is currently in charge of the business, a reputation as a pioneer among his peers. The company was the Outright Gold Winner of the 2015 Pork Steak Your Claim Competition; won the Gold in the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; the Gold in the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; the Silver in the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards; and the Silver in the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Foods Awards.