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Panic About Vaping, Safest Way Forward.

At the moment there are public health related issues in the news about vaping...

At the moment there are public health related issues in the news about vaping. A few months ago there were stories coming out of the United States about death relating to electronic cigarettes. We can have a look at the statistics that have been released; so far this year the number is 805, with a median age of 23. The number of deaths according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States had grown to 12.

Uncertainty about exactly what’s causing this spike in sickness has fueled an emotional public response. There appears to be a unanimous consensus that something should be done to better understand and prevent this vaping-related harm. The message from many in the public-health community simply has been to avoid vaping. Abigail Friedman, who studies tobacco use at the Yale School of Public Health, points out that the majority of the most popular vaping products have been on the market for at least a few years. The question is not whether vaping itself is safe or unsafe, she emphasizes, but what elements of the practice are causing these acute diseases: “An e-cigarette is fundamentally a device, not a substance. One thing that I think is really confusing people is that vaping just means using an e-cigarette. It doesn’t tell you what people put in it. You could put water in an e-cigarette, right?” Vaping water should be a harmless, but adding nicotine to that vapor, on the other hand, noticeably affects the cardiovascular system and brain.

Be aware of what you are buying and what you are using with your device. Stick to the recommendations and avoid anything you are not sure of.

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