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Parents Report that Artificial Turf Motivates Their Children to Get More Exercise

Synthetic grass provider in Perth reveals life-altering benefits of their GPG Play Grass system.

Perth, WA, November 27, 2013 - Green Planet Grass is a WA firm that supplies and installs artificial grass in the Perth area. They have installed more than 4,000 artificial lawns for residential use and have installed artificial turf in numerous parks, schools and sporting venues. However, they may be the most proud of a groundswell of feedback from the backyards of Perth area residents who installed their Green Planet Grass Play Grass System.

The Green Planet Grass Play Grass System

The Play Grass System is an exclusive combination that Green Planet Grass formulated for residential use for families with children. It combines one of their most durable grasses with a special infill called Play Fill, which compacts less than sand and is also less abrasive. Because it is made out of material that is biologically inert, it has increased antimicrobial qualities.

Thanks to the combination of the grass and the infill, the Play Grass System drains water at 70L/m2 per minute. In addition, it contains base materials that make Play Grass more permeable than standard artificial grass, helping to eliminate run-off. This combination of features provides welcome benefits for parents—no grass stains, no muddy clothes and no wet feet for their children.

Green Planet Grass Play Grass can be fitted with an open cell shock pad to help mitigate the effects of impacts if a child falls, allowing Play Grass to meet Australian Critical Fall Height standards. Play Grass is also uninhabitable to insects such as fleas and ticks and produces no reaction in those allergic to grass.

In addition, Play Grass can be customised with different lines and colours for a full range of sports. This includes “play” sports such as foursquare or hopscotch and team sports such as 5-a-side soccer, netball and basketball.

Eye-opening Customer Feedback

Green Planet Grass does ongoing research and development, often using customer feedback to identify problems to solve. Play Grass was developed due to customer feedback that they should make an artificial grass system especially for families with children.

When Green Planet Grass developed the Play Grass System, they were pleased with the feedback. When they began to receive some unexpected comments, they were even more pleased.

According to Justin Everley, director of Green Planet Grass, “We got the feedback we expected. Parents were ecstatic with their Play Grass because it was able to hold up to the demands of heavy-duty play. But then, we got an unexpected piece of feedback. We were told that the children were playing outside more than they used to because the Play Grass had made the areas more attractive to play on.”

Everley continued, “I would like to think that GPG Play Grass was helping to motivate children to exercise more. Some parents have even said that their Play Grass synthetic grass systems had caused their backyards to become ‘neighbourhood hubs’ for the local children.”

Everley concluded, “We are happy to be in a position where we are helping children in Perth get off of their couches and go outside to engage in healthy play. In 2007, the Department of Health and Ageing estimated that 25% of Australian children were obese or overweight. We are honoured to do our part in helping children to fight obesity.”

Green Planet Grass supplies and installs artificial grass. They offer a full range of synthetic grass solutions from their Perth location, from residential to sport to industrial applications. Call (08) 9209 2669 or visit their website: http://www.greenplanetgrassperth.com.au/.