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Passsing of Mel Baker

Mel Baker - Innovative Leader in the Training of Motorcyclists

To our dearest Ridetek family, friends and the motorcycle community,

On the 16th of April at 4.28pm, we lost our founder, our family member and our mate.

Mel Baker - father, brother, grandfather, almost great grandfather, mate, mentor and to most, we're sure you'd agree, an inspiration.

Mel’s driving passion for starting Ride-Tek MTA was to establish a Motorcycle Training organisation which would become the “One-Stop-Shop” in Training.

 Over the 20 years of successful operation, Mel goal had achieved his goal.

Ridetek MTA now offers a very comprehensive, diverse list of courses to suit every level of riding skill.


That list is unmatched within the Motorcycle Training industry.

As a leader in our industry, he had a huge impact on the biking community, and he has always been especially passionate about rider safety.

We're sure you all have your own stories about Mel and the legacy he has had in building confidence and instilling safe riding, whether it be with yourself, a family member or friend.

Each person that works at Ride-Tek was hand chosen by Mel, and he chose us all for the amazing qualities we have as individuals and in our teachings. And we will be forever grateful to have been given the honour to meet someone like Mel.

To each and every one of us, he was family.

Mel built Ride-Tek with alot of hard work, determination, heart and soul, and he has definitely left an impact in this world.

He was so many things to so many different people on so many levels of life, there's not enough words to sum him up. He was an amazing man.

So with regret, we say good bye, to a man with an amazing vision, heart and soul.

Forever here, never gone xxxxx