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A curated self-care pack that empowers & educates first-timers about their period

Peach Pack, co-founded by 22-year old best friends, Sage Mellet and Alyssa Carp, has just launched The Blossom Pack in Australia and it’s here to break the stigma and taboo around menstruation, all while educating and empowering young Aussies along the way.

After Peach Pack successfully launched in the US in early 2019, Sage and Alyssa wanted to bring their offering back home to Australian consumers with The Blossom Pack, a customised pack for first-timers.

The Blossom Pack is the ultimate curated self-care pack to handle all of your menstrual hygiene needs with ease. It packages sanitary products and self-care items into a nifty eco-friendly box and delivers them straight to your door. First-timers can also add in the Starter Pack Guide to their delivery, which is a beautiful booklet that explores periods and tackles a range of menstrual-related questions.

Peach Pack wants to create a positive mentality around ‘that time of the month’ and dismantle the negative stigma and embarrassment that is often associated with menstruation. The team does this by serving up packs that celebrate self-care and embrace our bodies.

The Blossom Pack

RRP: $54.95 The Blossom Pack +  The Starter Pack Guide

Available Online: www.thepeachpack.com

What's in it?

- TOM Organic period products 

- Delicious PANA Chocolate

- A PMS Tea by Your Tea

- Fluff Cosmetics’ Facial Oil

- Referral card to the Bloom App

- PeppyCo Face Mask

- Subi Pimple Patch

Not only does The Blossom Pack empower young people through a sustainable and eco-conscious service and an authentic and bold community, it has a clear social standing with a portion of its proceeds going towards supporting women and providing menstruation products to those in need.

It's time to break the stigma around menstruation. PERIOD.


To organise an interview with co-founders, Sage Mellet & Alyssa Carp,

product call-ins, or further information, please get in touch:

Megan Chambers || megan@olivepr.com.au