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Penfolds Grange Exit Strategy

Mercy Offered to Cellars of Penfolds Grange in The Red

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - Friday August 26, 2011 -- It hasn't been an easy ride over the past decade for some buyers of Australia's top investment wine, Penfolds Grange. Prices are on the rise, but volume in the Australian market is faltering and auctioneer Mark Wickman of Wickmans Fine Wine Auctions (www.wickman.net.au) believes an amnesty is in order and is waiving sellers fees over the spring auction season, giving Australian wine investors an opportunity to lighten their exposure to the top drop gracefully.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your potential return from any Grange purchase, according to Wickmans.

* Selling six packs in the original timber case fetches a higher price on average than single bottles.

* Make sure you have all of your original purchase receipts and any documentation to show how the wine has been stored over the years. This will help build an audit trail and provenance history for the wine, making your wine a more valuable asset than somebody who has kept their Grange in the kitchen cupboard.

* If you have a large, valuable collection, most auctioneers will come to you anywhere in Australia and pack the wine for auction on your behalf. If they have a YouTube channel available, allow them the opportunity to video the environment the wine has been stored in before it is moved and packed as this will give you added credibility and increase the comfort level of bidders about the quality of your wine

* If you have sufficient quantity, allow the auctioneer to record and publish the opening of one or two bottles straight from storage. It is a fantastic way to get great vision and sound bites to promote your wine collection to the buying public.

Featuring a private collection of Grange valued at over $50,000 being auctioned with only $1 reserves, Wickman's closes its August auction at 8:00pm this Monday, Central Australian time.


Visit Wickman’s online at www.wickman.net.au

Visit Wickmans new YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/WickWineAuction/

Notes for Editors:

About Wickman Fine Wine Auctions;
Distinguished by innovation and driven by passion, Wickman’s Fine Wine Auctions has been a lively and profitable meeting ground for wine buyers and sellers since 2003. A family business based in South Australia, Wickman’s prides itself on its position as a reliable resource with a well-spring of extraordinary values and opportunities.

Over the years, Wickman’s has continued to launch unique initiatives in an attempt to set the company apart from traditional online wine auction websites, introducing guaranteed provenance into Australian wine auctions and holding regular wine tasting events and dinners for its members.