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Perth Dentist: Study Shows Demand for Dental Services will Rise through 2020

Perth dentist reveals why the demand for dental services in Perth and throughout Australia is expected to rise steadily through 2020.

Perth, WA, 05 February 2016 - In 2013, a study by the Australian Dental Association projected the demand for dental services in Australia through 2020. A Perth dentist, Dr Lisa Khokhlova, recently looked at the study with the perspective of someone in 2016 and published the results on her blog.

The study, conducted by research firm Insight Economics, reviewed data from 2000-2012 and made projections into the future looking at various factors regarding consumers and Government programs that help some pay for dental services.

Dr Khokhlova provided a summary and her own insight about the report, which was 34 pages long and included data from the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH). She concurred with the conclusions in the study, adding her insight and point of view to the original “mix.”

Factors that Drive Demand for Dental Services in Perth and Across Australia

Demand for dental services in Perth or any other part of Australia are dependent upon a number of factors. While these factors are not always predictable, they are consistent in their effect on demand for dental services.

The first factor is the population, both in raw numbers and in demographics. For example, people who are young need more dental services than retirees who don’t have any teeth left. The baby boomer generation is getting older. While they need more dental services as they age, those who lose their teeth only need dental services when they are having problems with dentures or prosthetic teeth.

Those with higher educations tend to “keep up” with their need for dental services, while those with lower education levels tend to wait until their dental problems are near emergency status. Those who value appearance more tend to have more cosmetic procedures. Those who can afford to have services done tend to have more services done than those who are poor by a wide margin.

The evolution of dental services has an effect on demand, too. Newer, less expensive services that provide a better solution to a problem tend to increase demand.

The Market Structure Influences Demand for Dental Services

In Australia, as in the US and Canada, most dental services are paid for by individuals. Government programs pay for less than 20% of dental services. That leaves the other 80% as the responsibility of the individual. Dental insurance is popular, as 53% of Australians have some form of dental insurance, but they are still indirectly paying for the services.

The other market influence: most dentists in Australia work in small offices that are privately owned as opposed to being government owned.

Demand through 2020

Currently, the demand for care is expected to rise 2.5% every year through 2020. According to Dr Khokhlova: “Demand is rising and we think it’s crucial to find a great dentist now and stay with that dentist. There will be an influx of new dentists; it’s better to find the right dentist now and enjoy great oral health.”

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