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PMGS Introduces a Modern take on Custom Web Designing


PMGS is proud to announce that we have added a new service to our list of offerings. PMGS Custom Web Design  is a modern take on how custom websites have been made in the past. 

Our lives today heavily revolve around the use of the internet. A Website is the most important part of the internet. We use websites for a wide variety of purposes like gaining information, education, social media, communication, research, watching videos and movies, using creative tools, gaming, trading, and even applying for jobs.

There is a huge pool of websites on the world wide web and there are people who have created these websites. Professional Web Developers are responsible for the creation of websites and putting them on the web. The development process of a website is not simple. It is time consuming and takes a lot of skill. Before development could take place, a designer designs the look and feel of the website. This design needs to be in line with the theme of the business for customers to be familiar with the website and the business. For example, if McDonalds makes a website that is blue and pink in color instead of red and yellow, people will struggle to trust the credibility of the website and even to recognise the brand. Web Designer is equally as important as a website developer. They create the first impression of a website and design the flow of the website. 

Websites can be created in two ways - 1. By Using a template. 2. Custom Web Design. 

Here is a mythbuster for you, many people believe that having a custom built website is going to be extremely expensive and provide the same amount of value as the template base website. This is not true. A custom web design allows businesses to have the freedom of choosing what goes and does not need to go on their website. The idea of the business combined with the creativity of the web designer and efforts of the web developer can bring a fabulous website that is intuitive, user friendly, beautiful and aligned with the theme of the business. 

PMGS Custom Web Design is also a combined effort between us and the business. You will be a vital part of the journey your website goes through. Unlike other website development companies, you will not simply receive the look of your website once it has been completed. Instead, with our custom web design, you will be informed and given the choice to choose what and how your website will flow.