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usb wall socket white twin usb beware of sub standard resellers buy direct from usb wall socket

usb wall socket are the original socket providers

Our 5volt twin USB wall socket draws no power and remains on stand by until a usb socket is inserted. Then it can charge up to 3.5amp or 17watt. There is no other wall socket that can charge that AMP. This will charge any usb socket including games,phones,cameras,tablets,GPS units,wireless device,power tools. Almost any usb can be charged on our Australian designed usb wall socket. Once it is charging a dim LED light is shown, this go out once fully charge. An added bonus is our night glow viable in the dark. whilst there are other company's selling copy cat socket on ebay etc be assured to come to the original USB wall socket for peace of mind and a quality assured product. www.usbwallsocket.com.au