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Project Laneways Gears Up for PRINCE2 2017 Update

Axelos, the publisher of PRINCE2 guidance has announced that they are all set to update both their Foundation and Practitioner PRINCE2 examinations. These updates will be launched by mid-2017. Training provider Project Laneways will offer the new version of PRINCE2 as soon as it is available. This is the first major revision since 2009.


PRINCE2 has an unrivalled reputation for being the best practice in project management. The focus is always on what makes a successful project. This update is a result of the wealth of expert feedback from PRINCE2 practitioners, especially those who have successfully applied the method in today’s dynamic working environment.   


The new version of PRINCE2 affirms the method’s established approach to project management, with its overall structure of seven principles, themes and processes. The main changes to the guidance includes an emphasis on tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organisations and project environments, the principles that underpin PRINCE2, the restructuring of the ‘Themes’ guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring and the practical application of the method and guidance.


Axelos has taken this big step forward to enable anyone managing a project to get the best out of PRINCE2 and to achieve success for their organisation. The PRINCE2 2017 update consolidates a wealth of knowledge gained in the workplace and can be trusted to provide practical, authoritative and relevant guidance to anyone managing a project.


The update of PRINCE2 is evolutionary in nature. Candidates who have already acquired the Prince2 certification may lay their fears to rest, the changes are small. Existing candidates will not require recertification to the new version. However, Axelos has highly recommended that PRINCE2 practitioners familiarise themselves with the new material.

Project Laneways is committed to bring the best available guidance to all their customers and clients. In keeping with this commitment, the company will assist both existing and new candidates who are interested in getting themselves updated with the new version. New candidates are encouraged to enrol for the updated new version at the earliest.

For more information or to make enquiries about the new version of PRINCE2 those interested can call Project Laneways Melbourne office at +61390389236 and the Sydney office at +61282123978. They can also send an email to enquiries@project-laneways.com.au

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