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Promotional Firm Teaches Small Businesses the Essentials of Branding

Imagepak Marketing, provider of corporate clothing, promotional gifts and promotional items in Perth, lays out a virtual branding map for small businesses.

Perth, WA, August 26, 2013 - Many providers of promotional products have posted about the benefits of promotional gifts on their blogs, but Imagepak Marketing has taken it a step further with a recent post on their website. Imagepak Marketing has actually explained the importance of branding and presented an action plan for creating a brand from scratch.

Promotional items have been the subject of a number of studies, all of which prove their efficacy and have been cited on many sites as the single most cost-effective method for brand recognition, especially for small businesses that don't have the resources to purchase TV, newspaper, or magazine ads on a regular basis.

It is only when taken in a larger context, though, that the full effects of promotional items can be truly appreciated. Promotional items can be customised with not only a company name, but a logo and/or a slogan.

While the goodwill of a giveaway item is a large part of the the benefits provided by promotional items, a much more subtle mechanism is playing out beneath the surface. However, there is a direct relationship between the effective creation of a brand and the benefits provided by spreading that brand.

It is an old adage in the sales industry that customers use their heads to say “no,” but use their hearts to say “yes.” Savvy marketers know this, and use branding to convey and connect positive emotions to their brands. Effective branding includes not only the senses, such as words, sights, smells and feel, but it also includes emotions. If a brand can convey a positive emotion and link it to the company's product or products, it is more likely to be successful.

The post from Imagepak Marketing explains that the first steps in developing a brand are to determine the company’s identity. This includes essentials such as a mission statement, features and benefits and the message the company wants to convey to the public.

Once a company has a firm sense of what it wants to accomplish and has identified its target market, it can then start creating and promoting its brand. This includes the creation of a logo, a company message, a slogan and a technique called “brand integration.”

According to Scott Eaton, owner of Imagepak Marketing, creating a strong brand increases the benefits of promotional products: “Promotional items are great at publicising a brand. They have been shown to provide the highest ratio of benefits to money spent of any paid form of advertising. In the short term, promotional items work great and can outperform a company's brand. But in the long term, they are only as good as the brand behind the items.”

Eaton continued, “We can tell when a company is really successful, because they order our products again and again. And those companies all have characteristics in common. They have distinctive company names and/or logos. They have well-developed brands that convey exactly who they are, in a way that makes people want to try the product out.”

Eaton concluded, “Call us. We can help you with branding and our promotional products can help put your business on the map.”

Imagepak Marketing provides promotional items, promotional gifts and corporate clothing from their Perth location. To see the entire blog post on how to create a brand for your small business, or for more information on their full line of promotional items, call (08) 92444 111 or visit their website: http://www.imagepak.com.au/.