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Promotional Product Firm in Perth Warns Clients: “Don’t Make These Crucial Mistakes When Giving Corporate Gifts”

Imagepak Marketing reveals the six biggest mistakes in corporate gift-giving and how to avoid them.

Corporate gift-giving used to be easy for most businesses. Most gifts were appreciated by those who received them, and most companies didn’t have restrictions on the gifts their employees or management received.

Unfortunately, giving corporate gifts isn’t nearly as easy or safe in this era as it once was. Definitions of what is considered “ethical” or a “conflict of interest” have become increasingly well-defined, and some gifts are perceived to blur or even cross the line between business and personal life. In many workplaces, yesterday’s joke or novelty gift is today’s lawsuit.

Consequently, companies have become more conservative in giving corporate gifts, and some have stopped altogether. More astute companies, though, are seeking the input and advice of professional corporate gift providers such as Imagepak Marketing. According to Imagepak, there are 6 crucial mistakes that a company can’t afford to make when giving corporate gifts.

1. Confusing a corporate gift with a promotional item.
Promotional items are great. They are small items that give free advertising. Research indicates that they are the most effective way to advertise any company, and that they increase brand recognition and brand memory. However, when giving a gift, it is wiser to give one with little or no branding, and make sure the gift is more than a coffee cup or a stubby holder. Save the promotional items for promotional giveaways.

2. Confusing gifts with incentives.
An incentive is something given as a reward for performance. A gift is given regardless of performance. People who receive gifts credit and appreciate the giver; people who receive incentives credit themselves for earning them.

3. Giving unethical gifts.
These fall into a few different categories. Gag gifts of a sexual nature are a definite no-no. So is giving a gift to anyone during a bidding process. On the executive level, lavish gifts such as expensive vacations, cars, or boats are guaranteed to raise a red flag.

4. Blurring the lines between personal and business gifts.
Business gifts have to be given with a professional detachment. Gifts more appropriate for a personal relationship should be given as a personal gift: not a business gift.

5. Gifts that the person can’t use or doesn’t like.
While we frown on giving corporate gifts that indicate a personal relationship, we also recommend the use of common sense. You should know a few of the recipient’s likes and dislikes before buying them a gift.

6. Coming off as insincere.
The best gifts come off as heartfelt and sincere, even if they are a business gift. Presentation means a lot, too. Make sure the gift is attractively wrapped, but in a businesslike manner.

According to Scott Eaton, owner of Imagepak Marketing, corporate gifts are very effective when done right: “There’s something about receiving a gift that never gets old. Even the most jaded and grouchy person in the office smiles when they get a nice gift. The trick is to select the right one. Most of the time, that means something classy and office or business-themed that the person wouldn’t buy for themselves.”

Eaton concluded, “The bottom line is to use common sense when buying a corporate gift. If you simply avoid the mistakes we laid out here, you will be ahead of the game.”

Imagepak Marketing provides corporate gifts and promotional items in Perth and the surrounding areas. For more information, call 08 92444 111 or go to their website: http://www.imagepak.com.au/