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Promotional Products Help Perth Businesses Increase Revenue

Distributor of promotional products and corporate gifts in Perth reveals seven ways in which promotional products increase business.

Perth, WA, 3 December 2014 - ImagePak Marketing has been providing promotional products and corporate gifts in the Perth area since 1979. In that time, they have amassed extensive experience in helping businesses increase their bottom lines by using promotional giveaway products. Recently, on their company blog, they revealed seven ways in which promotional products can help a business increase its revenue.

The idea behind promotional giveaway items is simple: items with a company’s name, logo and/or message. The person using the item receives an advertising impression every time they use the item. Anyone who sees the person use the item also receives an advertising impression. When it is all put together, there are seven ways in which promotional items can impact a company’s sales.


Those who are given a promotional item usually feel gratitude towards the company that gave it to them. That makes them more likely to do business with whoever gave them the gift. A study by LJ Market Research indicates that 52% of those who receive promotional gifts will eventually do business with the company that gave it to them.

Trade Show Visibility

Promotional items increase visibility at trade shows. A study by Exhibit Surveys indicates that promotional items can increase trade show traffic by 176%.

Long Shelf Life

Most promotional items last at least a year and some last for multiple years. When contrasted with traditional advertising such as radio, TV and newspapers, the message lasts a lot longer. A classic survey conducted at a busy airport showed that 71% of business travellers had received a promotional gift within six months. 33% were carrying the item with them while travelling.

Increased Brand Recognition

When someone gets a promotional item, they see the giver’s name, logo and/or message multiple times per day. The repetition helps increase brand recognition. 39% of those in the airport survey cited above remembered the name of the company that provided the gift.

Increased Brand Exposure

Especially in the case of T-shirts, promotional items increase brand exposure. The more visible a giveaway item is, the more people see it. T-shirts that are worn in public can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people in one day. That is a lot of exposure.

Promoting Company Image

Companies can use promotional items to promote the image they want people to see the most. Slogans can send strong positive messages.

Multi-Person Use

Many promotional gifts, such as pens, are used by more than one person. This can allow one item to produce many extra advertising impressions to more people.

Scott Eaton is the owner of ImagePak Marketing. According to Mr Eaton, “Promotional products help companies make money. We saw a study conducted by Baylor University indicating that promotional items increase business by an average of 22%. That is a lot more money than what they spend on the promotional items. Promotional items work.”

ImagePak Marketing distributes customised promotional products and corporate gifts. Their office is in Perth and they provide promotional items to businesses throughout WA. To learn more about their fast turnaround time and comprehensive product line, call 1300 658 745 or visit their website: http://www.imagepak.com.au/.