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Quick and smooth jaw replacement

Dimac Tooling offers the Kitagawa QJR series (Quick Jaw Release), a quick change power chuck

Melbourne, 29 June 2011 – The proper selection of workholding involves more than simply accepting the chuck that came with the machine as the solution. To incorporate the most efficient processes, workshop managers should invest the time to research the most appropriate solutions.

Running high volume parts requires a stable process to ensure consistently produced high quality parts over longer periods of time. This frequently leads to more specialised workholding solutions rather than the flexibility desired in the job shop. Here, with the increasing use of multifunction machines, milling and turning in the same machine, chuck selection needs to focus on flexibility.

The standard chuck that comes on the machine may work fine. However, if the lot sizes are very small, requiring frequent change-over, a quick jaw change chuck can be ideal. Dimac Tooling, Mulgrave, VIC, offers the Kitagawa QJR series (Quick Jaw Release), a quick change power chuck. These chucks allow very rapid jaw change to minimise downtime and increase efficiency, delivering more speed, consistent gripping forces and bore size when compared to conventional chucks.

The QJR chuck can be easily mounted in place of a standard chuck to keep the installation cost low. QJR are directly interchangeable chuck with the popular BB200 series as they feature the same through bore, plunger stroke and drawtube connection positions. This allows a new QJR08 to effectively replace a BB208 chuck without the need for any special adaption parts. The QJR which uses a quick change base jaw system that can accept standard metric serrated top jaws from existing B200 and BB200 chucks. The QJR series also offers an increase in gripping force when compared to the BB200 series.

The chucks are manufactured from high grade alloy steel. This large bore chuck fits Dimac standard metric top jaws, and an optional base jaw allows to fit common cross tenon top jaws. Mounting dimensions are identical to matching B and BB series (B208, BB208, B210, BB210, B212, BB212) so no expensive new connectors or cylinder are required.

For more info please visit www.dimac.com.au