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Quit your job - become a dive instructor

Life is so much better in flip flops and board shorts. Ever thought about a career in the scuba dive industry?

During this time of self isolation doing your PADI IDC might seem a bit odd. Whilst social distancing is the main problem, you can start your PADI IDC with the eLearning component right now.

The eLearning component is a pre-requisite for the Instructor Development course. We also offer videos and practice exams to get your scuba diver theory up to speed and where it should be before you begin your PADI IDC.

You have plenty of time on your hands right now, so thinking about becoming a PADI PRO don't let this home self isolation stand in your way. There are plenty of reading and video tutorials available right now.

The professional association of diving instructors offers PADI instructor development courses in almost every country in the world where there are scuba diving activities through their extensive network of scuba diving businesses.

The dive shop you choose to do your PADI instructor development program through must have a PADI Course Director on staff. A PADI Course director is a PADI professional who has undertaken a myriad of diver training courses and has passed the Course Director Training Course conducted by PADI. Your course director is a professional member of the training staff and will guide and mentor you to become an Open Water Scuba Instructor.

If it has been a while since you have completed your PADI Divemaster Course then refreshing on the diver theory is really important. Apart from the theory, dive skills are also essential. Checking out this link will show you how to conduct demonstrations style skills. When coming into the instructor development programs you must be able to perform all 24 PADI skills from the skill circuit. Whilst getting in the pool at the moment may be somewhat difficult by watching these videos and practicing dry runs you will be well prepared.

When choosing a PADI dive school and especially a Course Director make sure that you "click" with them. Your course director will become a very big influence on your future career int he dive industry. For more information about this Course Director, Kai Steinbeck, a PADI 25 year veteran, search for #IDCwithKai

Working in the dive industry is a dream come true for most. It is an incredibly rewarding experience and will allow you to live and work in places where most people can only dream of visiting for short holiday periods.

For further information about the instructor development programs offered please visit https://www.diveinstructor.com.au

Kai Steinbeck is a PADI Course director with over 25 years of experience, having diving experience in Central America as well as the Caribbean, Australia and South East Asia.