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RA ComplyHub launches

New partnership with LexisNexis equips Restaurant Association of New Zealand members with a broad service compliance solution

WELLINGTON, September 3, 2018 - LexisNexis, a leading provider of content and technology solutions for the legal industry, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Restaurant Association of New Zealand (RA) to bring “RA ComplyHub” to members. The partnership aims to bring straight-talking compliance information to restaurant and café owners and members wishing to start a new enterprise or have a better understanding of their compliance obligations.

RA ComplyHub is designed to guide Restaurant Association members through the maze of legal and regulatory processes that can get in the way of running their business. 

Andy Boss, General Manager, at LexisNexis says, “New Zealand is renowned for its entertainment culture and influx of people exploring our shores. This partnership between LexisNexis and Restaurant Association brings further assurance for business owners that their business environment has the information needed to be compliant to regulatory standards.”

“All the information members need to keep their business legally compliant across a range of topics can be found in one central hub. Our internal teams designed the content for people without a legal background, meaning that users don’t need a law degree to understand and work through the content. Plain English has been key, and all our legal obligations have been written with this as the focus.”

Marisa Bidois, CEO of The Restaurant Association of New Zealand says, “RA ComplyHub supports the work of our active Helpline team at the Restaurant Association, assisting members with queries about everything from Employment Agreements to questions about their lease. RA ComplyHub condenses all the information essential to running a compliant business. You can have the most incredible menu on offer but if you are not keeping up to date with your obligations things can quickly start to unravel”.

When a user lands on the tool, they answer a short initial survey that customises RA ComplyHub to their business. The user can then apply additional filters to further refine the results, so that only the legal requirements specifically applicable to their business appears. The filters feature ensures that only the directly relevant items for a business will show up.

The legal obligations and requirements are presented as checklist items that a user can move through and tick off when they are done. If a user needs further guidance, a full guide is available for each item that explains:

    What the checklist item is about and what it covers

    The possible legal consequences if someone doesn’t comply

    Any potential blind spots or areas of law that people often get confused by

    The next steps someone would need to take so that they can complete the checklist item

    Tools and resources for extra reading or forms and applications

For more information head to: www.complyhub.co.nz/ent/ranz/home



Issued by LexisNexis and The Restaurant Association of New Zealand


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The Restaurant Association of New Zealand is the link between good food, and good business. It supports New Zealand’s diverse and creative hospitality businesses to deliver first class experiences to diners. The not-for-profit organisation now represents, advocates and cheerleads for more than 2200 hospitality businesses within New Zealand. It offers 24/7 advice and assistance on key industry issues, from property lease advice to wellness in the workplace. For more information see www.restaurantnz.co.nz.