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RAD Rolls Out Intelligent Converters for Fast Ethernet-over-E3 Connectivity

RICi-E3 Offers Carriers and Enterprises a Solution for Connecting Ethernet Services over Legacy SDH

RAD Data Communications has introduced the RICi-E3, an affordable intelligent converter that connects Fast Ethernet LAN over E3 circuits. They enable service providers and ISPs to provide transparent Ethernet services without interfering with user traffic.
Although Fast Ethernet can connect directly to Next Generation SDH backbones, this isnt the case for the majority of the hundreds of thousands of existing SDH rings that are based on current SDH technology, explains Ramon Horkany, Product Line Manager at RAD. Furthermore, some local or regional carriers or ISPs dont own their own SDH infrastructure, or they have a network which doesnt reach a particular area, and need to lease lines from other carriers to provide Fast Ethernet services to the customer.
The RICi-E3 supports unframed E3 circuits and an Ethernet user port. The 802.1p priority scheme enables users to define different levels of Quality of Service (QoS) according to the application requirements.
"A managed Fast Ethernet-to-E3 converter is a unique offering in the market and a highly cost effective solution to terminating Fast Ethernet over E3," said Udi Furman, Managing Director, RAD Australia. "The RICi-E3 represents an ideal managed alternative for the many microwave links requiring the provision of Fast Ethernet services.
The bridges can work in filter mode where they learn MAC addresses and filters local traffic or in transparent mode where any received packet will be forward to the other interface. A VLAN tag stacking option enables transporting user traffic transparently, keeping all the user VLAN settings intact.
In cases of error conditions on the TDM port, a fault propagation feature tears down the link integrity on the Fast Ethernet port. This indicates the error conditions to the Ethernet device connected to the RICi-E3 and enables a connected router to automatically reroute traffic if required.
SNMP Fault Management
RADview Lite, RADs new RADview service package, provides SNMP fault management, including SNMP traps, status polling and TFTP-based software and configuration download. Remote element management is available either through the ConfiguRAD Web-based application or Telnet.
The devices are managed in-band from the Fast Ethernet user port or remotely through the TDM port. Management traffic and user Ethernet traffic are transported together on the same Ethernet flow, separated by different VLANs. This provides complete separation between user traffic and the management traffic, ensuring management and user traffic security. DHCP client support is employed to automatically obtain IP address, IP mask and default gateway, saving precious installation time.
Diagnostic Tools for TDM and Ethernet Networks
The RICi-E3 supports diagnostic tools for TDM and Ethernet networks, for fast isolation of network problems, saving time and costs. Remote and local loopbacks enable isolating problems on the physical layer, while ping, trace-route and ICMP messages enable diagnostics of the Ethernet layer.
The RICi-E3 joins RADs unique set of Ethernet access solutions, which also include the RICi-E1 for Fast Ethernet LAN connectivity over E1 lines. RADs Ethernet access products enable service provisioning and carrier backhaul applications over low and high speed SDH and PDH circuits from fractional and full E1, E3 to STM-1. This comprehensive product range positions RAD as a single source supplier for carrier and campus applications.
About RAD
Established in 1981, privately owned RAD Data Communications has achieved international recognition as a major manufacturer of high quality access equipment for data communications and telecommunications applications. These solutions serve the data and voice access requirements of service providers, incumbent and new carriers, and enterprise networks, by reducing infrastructure investment costs while boosting competitiveness and profitability. The company's installed base exceeds 9,000,000 units and includes more than 150 carriers and operators around the world. These customers are supported by 23 RAD offices and more than 200 distributors in 105 countries.
RAD is a member of the RAD Group of companies, a world leader in networking and internetworking product solutions. RAD Data Communications site: www.rad.com