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Red Squares Podifier selected
for M-Audio Podcast Factory

Complete podcasting solution allows users of all levels
to create professional quality podcasts

Red Square, the developer of the popular Podcast publishing application Podifier, has announced that the latest version of Podifier has been selected for inclusion in the new Podcast Factory product from M-Audio the leading provider of creative tools for electronic musicians and audio professionals. The tool, just launched in the U.S., is a professional podcasting solution that includes all the hardware and software required to create broadcast quality podcasts using a Mac or PC.
Podcasting is a major phenomenon, spurred in no small part by Apples iTunes initiatives, said Adam Castillo, M-Audio Marketing Director. The Podcast Factory provides a comprehensive solution for producing professional podcasts for applications as diverse as personal broadcasts, music promotion, corporate training, virtual seminars, education and more. Podcast Factory allows anyone with a message to easily create podcasts that incorporate the production values of radio-quality broadcasts.
The Podcast Factory tool is a combination of M-Audios professional standard recording technology and software bundle, including Podifier the all-in-one Podcasting publishing application. The Podcast Factory product allows users of any level to record and edit program material such as speech, add music and sound effects, and post MP3s with RSS feeds to the Web. Users also get a collection of music loops in a wide variety of genres.
Red Square is proud to have Podifier included in the Podcast Factory solution, said Tony Redhead, co-founder and principal of Red Square. Podifier was originally designed to simplify the process of publishing podcasts and our aim is to make it available to the Internet community at large. Being included in the Podcast Factory product allows us to take this a step further.
We set out to make an application that was very easy to use and did the job. Since Podifiers original launch in April 2005, we have had over 10,000 downloads of the software. Its great to see it recognised by the podcasting community, said Mr. Redhead.
Podifier is a simple-to-use application that automates in one application the creation of an RSS feed and the association of one or more MP3 files, and includes the FTP application to upload them to a server.
In conjunction with the announcement of the Podcast Factory, Red Square has also launched the Macintosh OSX version of the Podifier application. The updated application, known as Podifier V2.1, was redeveloped for inclusion in the Podcast Factory solution. Podifier V2.1, for XP and Mac OSX is available now for download at http://www.podifier.com.
Red Square is also planning future developments of the software with requested features such as support for iTune tags, the ability to manage a history of podcasts, secure FTP and multiple file format support to enable a wider range of audio and video formats to be published.
Screen shots of the M-Audio Podcast Factory are available at:
Screen shots of Podifier V2.1 are available at: