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Royal Baby Nets Sales for Miss Kate

As the world watches and waits for the imminent arrival of the royal baby, the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy has had an unexpected impact on an Australian business.

Devoted royal baby watchers have set search engines working overtime delivering up-to-the minute details on the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, and the key terms used in those searches are favouring an Australian online business, coincidentally called Miss Kate.


Miss Kate products include eco chic and luxurious body lotions, bath washes and pillow sprays, all specifically designed for babies and children. The products are all natural and made with organic ingredients, so they are suitable for young and sensitive skin. 


Showing the business knows its market inside-out, the website states Miss Kate supplies “the best in beautiful and natural skincare products for princesses the world over”.


Miss Kate director Amy Arnold said many hours of overtime had been put in at the Miss Kate headquarters to meet increased demand in the past two months.


“Sales have gone crazy over the last six weeks. The business has been going from strength to strength, and foreign sales were up this month quite dramatically,” Amy said.


“It is hard to tell if the increase in the volume of our sales is due to solely the royal pregnancy, or if it is the result of solid growth within the company as more people become aware of our product.


“Either way, it is great news for us! If the royal baby is a girl, we will be buckling up for a crazy ride at the Miss Kate headquarters!” Amy laughs.


Miss Kate products can be purchased online from www.misskate.com.au