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SafeStay Australia partners with I-PRAC International to Invest up to 6 Million Dollars Into the Short-Term Rental Sector

Securing a Clean Safe and Secure Future for the Australian Short-Term Rental Sector Hosts and Guests whilst supporting Australian Tourism

SafeStay, an Australian startup which provides safety audit inspections for short stay accommodation, announces their partnership with I-PRAC. The businesses have joined forces in an outstanding effort to increase safety and legitimacy across the Australian short-term rental sector.

SafeStay was founded by a trio of Australian industry experts who witnessed the tragedy of short-stay accommodation incidents including fraud, injury and even fatalities.

SafeStay’s experts have since designed a meticulous “frame- work” and an audit inspection process, which guarantees compliance and the legitimacy of short-term rental properties. This “seal of approval” (once rightfully earned) not only adds credibility for genuine short-term operators, but builds trust between them, and their guests.

Natasha Morgan states: “This is a phenomenal opportunity for SafeStay as we look to increase cleanliness, safety and legitimacy across the Australian short-term rental space. Like us, I-PRAC is a purpose-driven company that values consumer trust and confidence. I’m certain, that with their experience and commendable expertise, we will be making huge waves across the sector!

SafeStay Australia assists in rebuilding Australian tourism in support of the Short-Term Rental Industry /Hospitality by hosts being able to place their properties in a unique booking position Guest safety is our number 1 priority, allowing guests to feel and experience staying safe with a STR that’s certified as a SafeStay!”


SafeStay ensures that short term rentals can be COVID-19 Proactive, trusted, leaders, experience a shorter time on the market and ask more for rent.


Photo: Kiel Glass

Kiel Glass, Co-Founder of says: :” From May 2020, when purchasing SafeStay’s Gold Certification, property owners will receive a $50 off SafeStay Gold Certification & FREE I-PRAC verification & ASTRA membership.The $6 million investment will be used for SafeStay Certification & I-PRAC verification & memberships, for the duration of 12 months.  This generous joint offer will give businesses and hosts the chance to rebuild, recover and add a level of TRUST that all guests are expecting after this global pandemic.”



Damian Morgan, co-founder of SafeStay adds: “We aim to certify 100, 000 Australian properties to lift cleanliness and safety standards for both guests and hosts during this challenging time. Guests are our number one priority and we want them to know that they are safe with SafeStay.”


Chris Maughan, I-PRAC concludes: "The short term rental industry has been changing dramatically over the past 10 years, and has been one of if not the quickest growing industries in the world, Although the biggest but certainly the most unregulated in terms of consumer trust, confidence and safety.


In 2016 I-PRAC was launched as a global verification platform to tackle fraud and also allow legitimate operators to be a member of a verified platform to be able to showcase trust and confidence.


As I-PRAC has grown over the last 4 years, we have been looking into partnering other brands who have the same vision and mission as I-PRAC to bring a cleaner, safer and more trusted hospitality sector for consumers.


Been able to partner with SafeStay Australia falls in line with our mission and we are delighted and proud to be associated with a leading safety organisation who are also dedicated to building a safe and trusted short term rental industry.


This partnership and initiative is going to provide consumers the trust confidence and safety they expect and deserve and will change the landscape for the future."


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