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SalesAtWork: A Sales Force Management Tool That Makes Business Sense

We provide return on investment analysis of the popular sales force management tool SalesAtWork

In today's challenging economic climate, businesses need to make sure every cent they spend is justified by an acceptable return on their investment. SalesAtWork is a sales force management solution that provides significant benefits to organisations. These benefits provide savings in both time and money, which justifies the business's investment in the SalesAtWork SaaS system. What are the costs involved in deploying SalesAtWork and what savings can a business expect?

What Kind of Investment is Involved in Implementing SalesAtWork?

When a business deploys the SalesAtWork sales force management SaaS, the estimated costs per month, per user, the organisation can expect include:

The Cost of the Mobile Device, such as a 4G i-Pad at a total of $720 -$60.00 per month

The Cost of a Data Package by a Mobile Communication Provider -$30.00 per month

The Cost of Software -$60.00 per month

Since organisations vary greatly in their administration processes, these costs are not included in this analysis. As illustrated above, a business can expect to incur an increase of $150 per user over their baseline cost. When including administrative and other overhead costs, a sales force management solution needs to provide $250 to $300 in savings to make economic sense for the business that deploys them.

In What Areas Can A Business Expect to Find Savings?1

While this analysis does not include all the areas where a business can expect savings when they implement a sales force management solution, the most common areas where businesses report savings are included in our analysis.

*Increased Administrative Efficiency: Since the SalesAtWork software integrates seamlessly with the business's existing software programs, data only has to be entered once. All the information is stored in an accessible centralised location so no time is wasted looking for misfiled or illegible paperwork. These time savings can reduce the average administrative cost of $4,000 per month.

*Decrease in Printing Expenses: While it is not possible to eliminate all hard copies of forms and reports from business operations, the use of electronic communications can reduce the costs of ink and paper by 5 to 20 per cent.

*Increased Sales Force Efficiency: Since a sales force management solution eliminates the need for time-consuming paperwork and decreases the need for the salesperson to go into the office, the sales staff can make 2 to 5 per cent more calls each week.

*Decreased telephone costs: Since SalesAtWork provides users all the data they need to do their jobs, few phone calls are required, which save both time and money.

* Reduced Loss of Sales: SalesAtWork provides the mobile sales force with product inventory data to avoid issues with backorders and sales of out of stock inventory, which can increase sales by 8 per cent.

Increased Compliance with Promotions: SalesAtWork provides the mobile sale force with accurate information about promotions so miscalculations are avoided.

SalesAtWork Provides an Excellent Return on Investment

Based on our analysis, SalesAtWork provides improvements in efficiency and productivity which provide a significant return on a business's investment in this mobile sales force software solution.

More information: www.salesatwork.com