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Samsung, Innovation in Air Conditioning

Samsung’s new R32 ducted air conditioners herald a new era of comfort at home

Samsung’s new Duct S2 ducted air conditioners herald a new era of comfort at home. With a low running cost from an efficient compressor, a great new feature is the R32 refrigerant: Samsung has added this new type of refrigerant (refrigerant is an essential part of air conditioning) to its range to help protect the ozone layer and to help reduce global warming.

Samsung believes that your home or personal space should be your sanctuary; which has prompted them to continuously think outside the box on ways to improve your air conditioning system to run at its optimum level. They’ve combined great aesthetics, advanced technology and impeccable performance to provide you the ultimate control of the temperature and airflow in your homes or businesses.

Be it ducted, wall mounted or a multi split system, Samsung Air Conditioners have been designed with the same passion for innovation and quality that has helped them be one of the best in the world; winning an array of awards namely the Interbrand 2018 Best Global Brands.

Samsung’s unique Smart Invertor Technology provides minimal temperature fluctuations, allowing rooms to reach maximum cooling quickly thus increasing efficiency. Adding on that is a Quiet mode designed to help give you a more peaceful environment which is beneficial especially at night.

One of Samsung’s best sellers is the Boracay range which is built innovatively to disseminate airflow at an optimum level, minimising hot or cold spots. This will in turn contribute to a faster and more even temperature control in a single area.

Samsung’s revolutionary multi split system is the perfect solution for Australian homes and climate with an Operating Temp Range of -20°C to 50°C, eliminating the need for any additional units to cope in times of adverse weather. Its Smart Inverter System delivers the ideal temperature quickly and continuously performs micro adjustments to ensure a constant and comfortable environment.

With a multitude of features and benefits, Samsung Air Conditioning is incessant in investing in Research & Development to ensure that customers from all walks of life can and will experience the ultimate comfort with reliable and efficient performance of its products.

For the full range, https://samsung.polyaire.com.au/