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Satellite phone bargain announced just in time for Christmas

Allsatphones webshop launches with the IsatPhone Pro a steal at $594

Just in time for Christmas - the satellite phone bargain of the year!

To celebrate the launch of the new webshop at www.allsatphones.comthe IsatPhone Pro has been dropped to $594 (incl. GST) for all online orders placed by the 24th of December.

This price can be even further reduced if you qualify for the government Satellite Phone Subsidy.A maximum phone subsidy on the IsatPhone Pro at this special Christmas sale price could result in the latest in satellite phone technology becoming yours for under $100!

The IsatPhone Pro is Inmarsat's contribution to the satellite phone market - which means it is operating on the world's most dependable satellite network. This equals reliability - no black spots, no drop-outs, no waiting for missing satellites. Just a seamless connection to the world's most sophisticated mobile satellite constellation. And in the case of the ISatPhone Pro, quality and reliability do not equate with a high price tag.

Through the increased efficiency and economy of the I4 network, Inmarsat has been able to provide a cost effective satellite phone for the general traveller and consumer. With the incredibly cheap handset purchase price of $594 comes an equally affordable airtime plan. The IsatPhone, through Allsatphones, allows you to make calls from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world for a flat rate of less than 90c per minute!

No roaming costs, no flag-falls, no hidden extras.

Available on both prepaid and postpaid plans, the IsatPhone is the perfect choice for people who like the security of having a satellite phone without the necessity of paying monthly charges in order to use it only occasionally and when out of 3G range. A prepaid voucher remains active for 2 years from date of activation - which means you can leave it in the glovebox for times of emergency.

However, with call rates so low, Aussie adventurers are becoming accustomed to the luxury of staying in touch with friends, family and business when getting away from it all.

The IsatPhone Pro is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone in Australia who likes to travel the length and breadth of this nation or indeed the world. For the sailor in your life, the adventure biker, the fisherman, camper, Grey Nomad or 4WD enthusiast. Give them a gift that they would never expect. Satellite technology is finally within the realms of possibility for the average Australian and the IsatPhone Pro has become the "techo gift of choice" - even for non-technical types!

This offer must be redeemed online at www.allsatphones.com and a SIM card must be purchased with the handset to qualify.