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Leading online shop for remote satellite communication products and Telstra's largest mobile satellite dealer

MELBOURNE, Victoria, 14 December 2017: SatPhone Shop Pty Ltd, a leading online shop for remote satellite communication products and Telstra’s largest mobile satellite dealer, has launched a new website at www.satphoneshop.com that will give customers easy and improved online shopping and rental experience for quick and easy transactions. The website is simple to navigate and is rich in information, enabling customers to access a range of mobile satellite and safety communication products and service offerings. 

With the major shift to online purchases on mobile devices, the new website enables an enhanced shopping experience to all users regardless of their device.  Some of the new functionality enables both purchase and rentals online by following an easy step-by-step process and a one-page checkout.  

“We have transformed the website experience for our customers,” explains Reiny Gajewski, General Manager of SatPhone Shop. “The website is our shop window, and we wanted to make sure that no matter who visits the site, they can find what they are looking for quickly without any fuss.” 

SatPhone Shop has recognised that there is a rising demand and need for safety products and mobile satellite communications, releasing new plans and products of particular appeal to the 4x4, camping, hiking, fishing and outdoor adventure travellers.  The new website showcases Iridium satellite products, as well as other big brand names such as Beam Communications, Uniden, Garmin, and ACR Artex.     

The re-development of the website is a reflection of SatPhone Shop’s position in the Australian mobile satellite communications market. “It is vitally important that SatPhone Shop can reach out to our growing customer base,” continues Gajewski. “Through our website, we can be more efficient and continue to provide the highest quality service to all of our customers, no matter where they are in Australia.”   

To celebrate the launch, SatPhone Shop is currently offering a lot of specials online, visit www.satphoneshop.com or alternatively you can speak to one of their friendly staff at 1300 368 611!