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Save Money, Drink Filtered Water – Just Water

We would have had to be living under a rock to not be aware of the importance of drinking water for our overall good health and in keeping hydrated and cool. If we didn’t know it before, we are now acutely aware of the significance that drinking six glasses of water per day has in staying healthy and maintaining our optimum weight. However, for many people bottled water is expensive and it is hard to justify the money spent on a small plastic bottle of water when you and your children need to drink several litres of water a day. Water is critical to every organ system in the body and a constant flow of water helps keep the body working smoothly. However, this new ‘fad’ of drinking water from small plastic bottles is becoming a real threat to the environment and there are now new worries of the effects of sunlight on the plastic components in plastic water bottles and the on-going problem of what happens to the plastic bottle when it is disposed of in the rubbish.

The best way to keep hydrated, and at the same time save money, is to invest in a Just Water Easy Fill Cooler, the portable, inexpensive solution for all drinking water needs. Just Water can provide a cooler and filter that attaches to the mains faucet to easil8y refill a personal water bottle and provides an unlimited supply of chilled and ambient drinking water, with hot and chilled models also available.

Just Water International Limited operates in New Zealand and Australia in the supply of water coolers, drinking water and filters for the home and office market. The Company’s base business is the supply of water coolers and filters to businesses and organisations nationwide. Virtually all water coolers derive a recurring income either from monthly rental, water sales or maintenance agreements if the customer owns the unit.

Just Water International have recently introduced the world’s newest water innovation, the AquaBar. The AquaBar is the perfect drinking water solution for offices of up to ten people as it provides the convenience of instant boiling and chilled filtered water, without the expense or permanence of an under bench unit. The AquaBar is plumbed directly to the mains and also has warm and super-hot functions.

There is no requirement for maintenance or servicing on this unit which is why Just Water can offer it at such a great price. For more information please visit the website at http://www.justwaternz.co.nz.