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Save your relationship with DIPAC; counselling, therapy, and mediation services online and in-person

DIPAC offers relationship counselling services via Zoom, Skype, Telehealth across Australia

For face-to-face appointments, our offices are open at Level 1 - 18 National Circuit, Barton ACT.


No matter how much we desire, life cannot be a piece of cake. It’s like a bumpy road, uneven most of the time. Especially, in the days we are living in, it is hard to keep yourself safe from emotional distress. Therefore, we should take any opportunity to help ourselves.

Psychological distress can root from anything, trivial or great. According to a recent study, around 13% of Australians over the age of 18 suffer from higher levels of psychological distress. That makes 2.4 Million people.

Young people are more likely to suffer from emotional strain than older people. However, that does not mean older people cannot be a victim to it. This could result from anything, trouble at work, problems in your relationship, struggling with your studies, or even an issue from your childhood.

Struggling is not a sign of weakness. All of us struggle one way or the other. However, you should try to overcome your distress through different means. Counselling, therapy, and mediation prove effective in most cases.

If you are having relationship problems, it is better to give yourselves a chance. Counselling can help bridge the communication gap that often becomes a lethal factor in relationships. DIPAC offers you a chance to face your problems so that your relationship can recover from them.

DIPAC offers counselling services all across Australia, especially relationship counselling. These services are offered both for face-to-face appointments as well as online sessions.

For appointments in person, you can contact our offices at Level 1 - 18 National Circuit, Barton ACT. For online sessions, we offer services via Zoom, Skype, and Telehealth.

Our Canberra therapists can help you out with a wide range of issues, from individual problems to strengthening your couple. Our services are fair and affordable.

DIPAC stands for discipline, innovation, persistence, attitude, and courage, and we stay true to our name when we offer our services.

Here at DIPAC, we treat everyone equally. So, any issue in your life that has been troubling you, you can reach out to us on 02 6198 3423 or our contact form and we will get back to you.

Reach out to us for any issue that is troubling you. Remember, you don’t have to fight your battles alone!