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Scalable Agronomic Analytics Engine & Aerial Imagery Platform – All in One

FluroSat and TerrAvion partner to deliver nutrient management optimisation and timely crop stress detection for farmers, advisors, and retailers

Sydney Australia, May 28, 2019 -- FluroSat and TerrAvion today announce its partnership to bring the best of two comprehensive and scalable platforms together to offer a cost-efficient, best-valued agronomic solution that can provide timely stress detection and optimisation of plant nutrition management for farmers, advisors, and retailers.

The partnership sees the integration of TerrAvion’s market-leading high-resolution aerial imagery capability into FluroSat’s workflow-integrated agronomics analytics engine, FluroSense. This gives users the most comprehensive, highly-integrated, and contextualised data and information that they can use to understand and manage nutrients for their crops as well as automating stress detection.

With a focus on delivering the most scalable, context-infused data and information to growers, a better-together partnership approach that allows FluroSat and TerrAvion to put our expertise together is more obvious than before as we aim to help growers with timely, localised and integrated data and information to support operational and management decision-making.

Uniquely different to platforms where growers have to switch in-between dashboards to look at data and imagery for decision-making, this partnership means growers can use one unified platform to drive their agronomic operations.

Growers can use TerrAvion’s high-resolution imagery data through FluroSense and derive actionable information through its integrated decision-support workflow that combines the different layers of contextualised agronomic data (farm records, remotely sensed data, weather information, and machinery data layers) and putting it through integrated scientific crop models to automatically assess plant health, detect crop stress and direct input (fertiliser, water, chemical) applications.

“We hear the market needs and have learned from users that frequently updated analysis of their fields gives them the insights they need to intervene exactly when and where it is needed,” said Dr. Anastasia Volkova, Founder & CEO, FluroSat. “With TerrAvion’s regular in-season capture across the geographies, we are able to deliver data-driven insights to more growers and advisors using FluroSense’s integrated and contextualised data put through rigorous scientific modelling.”

“Farmers and agronomists need accurate and timely data and analytics that they can trust to make the right decisions during the growing season that affect their bottom line. The FluroSense platform is an excellent way to visualise crop and water stress and create class-leading insights for growers all over the world,”  says Robert Morris, Founder, CEO of TerrAvion. “Their validated scientific analytics together with our high-resolution imagery delivers excellent actionable data that will provide our customers with insightful information that will make a difference for them right away.”

Through FluroSat-TerrAvion’s better-together approach, growers can

  • Derive value even from historical aerial imagery from TerrAvion through the use of FluroSense’s scientific modelling. The historical imagery data can be used to tailor the crop stress identification models to help get predictions and adjust nutrient recommendations accordingly.

  • Increase productivity by using the integrated and streamlined workflow in FluroSense from imagery capture to scouting, sampling, and prescription – all on one single platform in just a few clicks.

  • Receive fully contextualised data alongside the weather data, machinery data, growers’ own farm records, and agronomic observations for holistic management and production decision-making.

With TerrAvion’s market-leading aerial imagery and FluroSense’s best-in-class scientific crop models such as CRISO NutriLOGIC and APSIM as well as proprietary algorithms layered with machine learning models, growers can be ensured of scalability and unique analysis on every field and sub-field management zone.


About FluroSat

FluroSat delivers agronomic analytics at scale across 7 countries powering profitable farming decisions. Its FluroSense analytics engine uses the power of scientific modelling, AI and remotely sensed data to deliver early, accurate, and actionable information on farm performance and plant nutrition to agronomists and growers. It uses a combination of agricultural science, machine learning algorithms, remote sensing as well as integrated scientific crop models to automatically assess plant health, detect crop stress and direct input (fertiliser, water, chemical) applications. Visit www.flurosat.com for more information or join our conversations on LinkedIn and Twitter.  

About TerrAvion

TerrAvion helps farms take a high-­tech approach to improve yield and revenue, with the largest cloud-­based aerial imaging and data analytics service for agriculture. TerrAvion provides growers from small family farms to the largest agribusinesses with current images and data that accurately detail the conditions of every acre, helping identify problems early before they impact yield. Founded in 2013, TerrAvion's investors include Merus Capital, Initialised Capital, 10x Group and Y Combinator. For more information, visit www.terravion.com or follow @TerrAvion.