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SGI introduces superior Desktop performance and reliability with new silicon graphics tezro

New visual workstation incorporates a high-bandwidth architecture and quad-processing to provide the most powerful desktop solution

SGI (NYSE: SGI) today extended its workstation line with the new Silicon Graphics Tezro visual workstation, a powerhouse system that sets a new bar for desktop performance and reliability. Tezro delivers leading-edge visualization, multiprocessing, and digital media to technical and creative users and is designed to help individuals and teams deliver cutting-edge results in ever-shorter production cycles.
Silicon Graphics Tezro stands apart in the industry with its quad-processing power, superior graphics quality and performance, high-bandwidth architecture, and full suite of professional digital media solutions. Tezro also offers a breakthrough entry price point for a system of this caliber with a price 20% lower than the highly acclaimed Silicon Graphics Octane2 system for an overall 3X-price/performance improvement. For users this means significantly higher value and higher performance with compute-intensive applications, advanced interactivity for high-resolution image manipulation, and real-time visualization of large data sets, and industry-leading I/O connectivity for flexibility with storage and peripheral options.
The Tezro visual workstation follows the SGI imperative to help our customers deliver cutting-edge results for their most demanding challenges, said Paul McNamara, senior vice president and general manager, SGI. By providing this powerful desktop platform we help our creative and technical customers improve their workflow and ultimately improve overall production cycles.
According to D.H. Brown analyst Sarang Ghatpande, Advanced capabilities at the desktop level are important for innovation in our business. Not only does Silicon Graphics Tezro deliver the performance improvements the market critically needs, it offers this remarkable capability at price points we never thought possible.
Powerhouse Performance and Reliability
Silicon Graphics Tezro was designed for creative and technical users who continually seek higher application performance and more advanced levels of capability on the desktop. To meet their demands, Tezro can scale up to four of the latest MIPS processors, setting it apart in the workstation industry. In addition, Tezro incorporates a revolutionary desktop architecture based on SGI supercomputers, with high memory bandwidth and industry-leading I/O connectivity. The integrated system architecture of Tezro, combined with the proven, robust IRIX OS and SGI Vpro graphics, can result in increased performance for multithreaded applications and real-time visualization.
Key features of Silicon Graphics Tezro include:
Up to four processors for CPU-intensive applications
High-bandwidth architecture for high performance and interactivity on the desktop
VPro graphics for highest quality and visualization flexibility available on the desktop
Two form factors designed for serviceability and deployability: the compelling tower for in-office computing and the rackmount system for flexible configurability and OEM deployment
Industry-leading I/O connectivity
Richest and most powerful suite of digital media products on the desktop
Ideal Visual Area Networking platform for personal (one-to-one) or team collaboration
Price/performance value for a powerhouse multiprocessor workstation
Advanced Visualization on the Desktop
Equipped with SGI VPro V12 graphics and unparalleled 12-bit per component RGBA fidelity, Tezro provides high-speed, high-quality graphics that are supported by the IRIX operating system and SGI application program interfaces, such as OpenGL Performer. VPro delivers unique capabilities for realism and accuracy for 3D lighting and is designed to facilitate workflow with large textures. Silicon Graphics Tezro can also display large data sets at high resolution and can support four simultaneous, synchronized displays for help in data analysis and problem solving.
For digital media professionals, Tezro supports a full suite of SGI DMediaPro options. These options provide the highest quality, high-definition and standard-definition multiformat real-time video input and output for broadcast, post-production, and film editing.
Benefits across Multiple Industries
With the new Silicon Graphics Tezro system, SGI expands its workstation market reach. The systems dual-head, rack-mount and higher memory features appeal as an affordable solution in a number of industries including:
In manufacturing, Tezro brings new power to high-end design, MCAE, MDO and workgroup visualization for the automotive and aerospace industries. It also benefits general manufacturing segments such as bio-medical and consumer goods.
In life and chemical sciences, Tezro expands capabilities in differentiated visualization of large molecules, molecular dynamics and simulation, and quantum mechanics, which are computationally demanding.
In government, the advanced power of Tezro can benefit many mission-critical defense activities. For example, Tezro is well suited for homeland security and command and control centers working on complex simulations.
In the media and entertainment market, Tezro, with its support for two streams of high-definition 10-bit 4:4:4:4 RGBA video, delivers high-definition video capabilities that were previously only available on SGI Onyx family systems.
SGI can integrate the Silicon Graphics Tezro workstation into your workflow to accelerate productivity and ensure optimal performance. Combining the strength of SGI technology with complementary technology from partners, SGI offers custom solutions integrating hardware, software, services and support to drive visualization solutions for design and engineering that ensure maximum availability and productivity.
Pricing and Availability
Silicon Graphics Tezro visual workstations are immediately available in configurations starting at $20,500 (U.S. list price). Configurations for the tower workstations range from 1CPU to 4 CPUs and up to seven PCI-X slots for advanced media and other user-selected options. The high-performance rackmount configuration offers one to four processors in 2U and 4U configurations with up to 16GB of memory capacity and dual head graphics capability.
In a separate release today, SGI announced Silicon Graphics Onyx4 UltimateVision, the companys next-generation Onyx advanced visualization system. The new system enables a quantum leap in scalability, capability, features and affordability bringing highly advanced visual computing within the reach of individuals and small teams traditionally limited to expensive workstation solutions. For additional information on the Onyx4 UltimateVision line see SGI Introduces Fastest Advanced Visualization System at Lowest Price Ever at www.sgi.com/newsroom.
About SGI
SGI, also known as Silicon Graphics, Inc., is the worlds leader in high-performance computing, visualization and storage. SGIs vision is to provide technology that enables the most significant scientific and creative breakthroughs of the 21st century. Whether its sharing images to aid in brain surgery, finding oil more efficiently, studying global climate, or enabling the transition from analog to digital broadcasting, SGI is dedicated to addressing the next class of challenges for scientific, engineering and creative users. SGI was named on Fortune magazines 2003 list of Top 100 Companies to Work For. With offices worldwide, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and can be found on the Web at .

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