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SharpDrive’s Online Driver Training Making Our Roads Safer

SharpDrive’s online driver training is the best way to make gaining practical driving experience a safer undertaking, by improving drivers' knowledge of the best driving practices, and the many ways to reduce risks on the road. This is a driver training system that is all about making our roads safer for everyone who uses them, with uniquely designed online driver training. It is not a simulator and is not intended as a substitute for practical experience.

SharpDrive make training your staff an easy affair, offering a simple ‘per user per month’ pricing structure, where operators can choose the course that fits their needs and go from there. They offer unlimited course access for the company and their drivers, with self-service and a full reporting suite, where they can track staff progress throughout the course. SharpDrive also send e-mail reminders directly from the portal and provide an annual refresher access for every driver managed.

There are many benefits to SharpDrive’s online course, and one of them is the fact that it is immediate. Drivers can be trained prior to receiving the car keys, as opposed to waiting until the next practical course is available. Also, entire fleets can be trained in a matter of days, with drivers receiving the same quality training each and every time, and they can complete the training in their downtime - or as it suits.

SharpDrive’s online driver training alternative to traditional fleet driving is available to anyone looking for corporate driver training in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and anywhere there is access to the internet.

If you are looking for a fleet driving course you should consider completing the SharpDrive online training, and for more information on online driving courses Perth, approved advanced driving courses NZ and corporate driver training Australia please go to http://www.sharpdrive.co/ .