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Simple things the key to a Happy Christmas

85% of survey respondents just want to spend time with the people they love

5 December 2012: When asked “what would make you happiest this Christmas?” 85 per cent of respondents to a recent online survey1 are seeking family time this December.
The survey by online experience retailer redballoon.com.au found that even if money was no object, 58 per cent of respondents would opt for a family getaway, followed by more than a quarter (27 per cent) seeking nothing more than quality time with their friends and family.
By comparison, only 14 per cent of respondents would opt for something physical – 7 per cent for a gift voucher, 5 per cent a sports car and 2 per cent jewellery.
According to RedBalloon Acting CEO Kristie Buchanan, “At Christmas we’re all seeking to reconnect with the people who matter to us most”.
“It’s a refreshing insight into what people want at a time of year that is often dictated by consumerism. It’s about sharing time with loved ones and creating happy memories - not accumulating more ‘stuff’ that will gather dust in the corner.
“We’ve done a lot of digging into happiness, and we believe there are five components that contribute to it: family and friends, work, being thankful, wellbeing, and giving to others.
“And what we also discovered as part of the survey is that the spirit of giving is alive and well in the community, with 74 per cent of respondents giving to charity at Christmas.”
According to the findings those who earn more, give more. Those with a combined household income of $0 - $75,000 represented 18 per cent of donations, whereas those earning $125,000 or more made up more than half (56 per cent) of the cash, goods and time given to charity.
“Yes we’re a retail brand, and Christmas is the busiest time of year for us, but we wanted to highlight the level of generosity in the community during Christmas, and its impact on happiness,” Ms Buchanan said.
In an encouraging sign, the survey found that 95 per cent of respondents give the same amount or more to charity at Christmas (52 per cent give the same, 43 per cent give more). Only five per cent give less.
And the number one reason (73 per cent) respondents gave for this behaviour? They ‘want to help people less fortunate’.
Key findings
If money was no object this Christmas, what would make us happiest?
o    58% want a family getaway
o    27% want quality time with their friends and family
o    7 % want a gift voucher
o    5% want a sports car
o    2% want jewellery
By combined household income, who gives the most?
o    $0 - $75,000, give 18%
o    $75,000 - $125,000, give 26%
o    $125,000 plus, give 56%
In terms of how we give to charity, the breakdown is:
o    7% donate time
o    49% Donate money
o    44% Donate goods or gifts
1 Online survey completed by 1855 respondents, 2 November - 20 November 2012
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