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skillsmaintenance.com launches free 'Basics of OHM's Law' online course

A terrific resource for students and anyone with an interest in electronics

Online training course delivery experts, skillsmaintenance.com, have recently launched the first in a series of free online courses. The free 'Basics of OHM's Law' course provides learners with the basic fundamentals of OHM's Law, and uses metaphors and interactive examples to deliver content in an easy to remember format.

Peter Spinda, CEO, says that at the core of the skillsmaintenance.com business is the belief that personal development and education should be lifelong activities that help shape our knowledge and understanding of the world, enriching our lives and creating better societies in turn.

The free course can be completed by clicking the following link: OHM's Law Free Course. Spinda says that other free courses are currently being developed, in conjunction with a continual expansion of the skillsmaintenance.com course list.

Please contact Peter Spinda for more information, or visit the skillsmaintenance.com website.