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Slotted and Engraved Key-Ply Panels Used at a College Sports Centre

Designcor provides lining and acoustic solutions to architects, builders, and interior designers looking to finish their projects. They sell acoustic panels and exterior wall cladding suitable for different needs.

Keystone has been involved in the new St Francis de Sales College Mount Barker Community Sports Centre which features the slotted Key-Ply with Aria Natural, Ebony and Spotted Gum finishes. Keystone worked on this big project and has made custom engravings representing each school house, in what is now one of South Australia’s most modern and most impressive community sports facilities.

Perforated Key-Ply plywood panels are engineered to create a natural and organic timber appearance. A variety of aesthetics can be created with pre-finishes including metallic, wood grain and pearl effects with a variety of perforation patterns and borders. The inherent acoustic qualities of timber can be combined with comprehensive perforation techniques and backing materials to achieve optimum noise reduction, especially when used with K100 backing.

Depending on the open area, slotted or perforated pattern being used, Key-Ply can be an excellent sound insulator. The acoustic qualities of timber can be optimised by Keystone Acoustics’ compressed perforation techniques and various backing materials they have available. This option creates a natural timber appearance that is often chosen for its warmth, beauty and natural acoustic properties.

Key-Ply perforated plywood is perfect for interior and exterior walls and ceilings, including high traffic area walls, high-impact wall linings in shopping centres and hotels, hallways, auditoriums, theatres and studios.

The new St Francis De Sales Community Sports Centre has four basketball courts of international standard. The first stage in a $27 million dollar development, with funding from both the State Government and Mount Barker District Council, represents a major commitment to providing outstanding facilities and progressive approaches to learning in the Adelaide Hills.

The new sports centre was hailed as “the most significant ever undertaken by Catholic Education South Australia” at the dramatic unveiling in November.  For St Francis De Sales College and Mount Barker District Council, this flagship project supports families in the Adelaide Hills to be able to thrive, learn and lead locally. Keystone completed the project in association with builder  Sarah Constructions Pty Ltd. and architect DesignInc Adelaide.

For more information: https://www.keystoneacoustics.com.au/