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Smart SEO is the best firm to help you with your call-only campaign

Businesses can benefit by using call-only campaigns to generate direct phone calls rather than traffic

If you thought that search marketing was only about generating as much traffic as possible, or increasing the number of visitors signing up, Google’s call-only campaign is something you need to know about. The recently introduced campaign format helps businesses increase the number of phone calls they get instead of doing either of the above. The call-only campaign can be used effectively by businesses to prominently display their telephone numbers, so that anyone interested in their goods or services can call up directly right from the search engine.

With approximately 70% of people calling businesses directly from the search results, this is a campaign that has a huge amount of potential for businesses that can use it effectively. This campaign is a wonderful way to reach out to potential new customers. Smart SEO has been helping businesses set up their call-only campaigns on Google since it has been introduced.

As expected, the call-only campaigns work for mobile devices which can make phone calls. It can be thus expected that they will not be displayed on tablets or laptops (devices which cannot make phone calls). This is actually beneficial for businesses because it means that they only have to pay for the clicks that actually have the potential to make the user call up directly on the number. The business will have to bid based on the value a call generates. This means that it can generate a campaign that is directly based on the CPA goal for calls.

Another interesting feature of this campaign is that Google has made it possible to design ads whose copy can be written in a way so as to encourage phone calls. Since the call-only campaign is meant to encourage people to call up directly from the search results, this makes sense. So one can use copy like ‘’Call now to speak to our expert!’’ Google has also made it positively easy to design these ads for businesses. With the option of choosing ‘’call only’’ type, creating an ad was never so easy. All one has to do is fill up all the details like before and it’s done.

It can safely be said that though Google has made it easy to create call-only campaigns for businesses, it never hurts to use an expert. With its years in the business, Smart SEO’ online marketing campaigns have always been geared for success. Any business trying to get its foot in the online marketing sphere will do well by giving the company a try. The company’s proven track record proves time and again that it takes an expert to put a business where it wants to be. If your business will benefit with the new call-only campaign, then Smart SEO should be the one to call up. Their expertise and skills are what you need to propel your business to success.

About Smart SEO: Smart SEO is an online marketing company based in Australia which helps businesses deal with internet marketing.  With Google introducing call-only campaigns, the company has already helped many businesses set it up to generate direct calls from potential customers.

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