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Smile Artistry recommends healthy diet choices for children

 Dr Paul McKay Director of Smile Artistry, Toowong, Brisbane agrees that more needs to be done to help educate parents and children in their correct diet choices.

 It has become such a social normality that dental fillings are normal for children, that nearly half of children aged five have decay and dental fillings in their mouths. Children are being given coke and fruit juices in their bottles at night, or to suck on during the day that parents don’t understand that they are doing more harm than good.

It is also alarming to note how many children visit the dentist before school age. The ideal time for children to have their first dentist appointment is age 2. However, most before-school age children have never visited the dentist or hygienist. “We have young children ourselves, and it’s shocking to have our friends ask me when it is ok for their child to visit the dentist, and their child is already 4. I just shake my head.”

A University of Adelaide report on Oral Health and Dental Care in Australia, 2012 found that:

·      In 2009, the proportion of children who had experienced decay in their baby (deciduous) teeth ranged from 42% for 5 year olds to 61% for 9 year olds. The proportion of children with permanent teeth affected by decay ranged from 5% for 6 year olds to 58% for 14 year olds.

·       Just over 1 in 4 children aged 2–4 visited a dentist in the previous 12 months (28.4%), with 32.1% having visited within the previous 2 years and 67.7% never having visited a dentist

(Source: www.aihw.gov.au, Oral health and dental acre in Australia: Key facts and figures 2012, The University of Adelaide)

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