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Sophos Security and Control -- No April Fools!

Sophos Australia is celebrating its tenth birthday today.


Sophos was founded in the UK in 1985 and released its first virus scanning engine in 1989. Over the next decade, Sophos expanded its product portfolio, customer base and employee levels, opening subsidiary offices around the world, including Australia, to help support global demand for its award-winning Sophos Anti-Virus solutions.

By 2009, Sophos has grown to become very much more than just an anti-virus company, and now offers a full range of complementary endpoint, email, web, network access control (NAC) and encryption solutions. Sophos is well-positioned to protect customer information and endpoints from both external and internal threats while also improving the manageability of security.

"The past 10 years in Australia and New Zealand have been a remarkable chapter for Sophos. Given the exceptional talent of our employees and their commitment to our customers, I am confident that our experience and customer focus will help us drive continued success," said Rob Forsyth, managing director, Asia Pacific, at Sophos, "We have achieved outstanding year-on-year growth and the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry."

Paul Ducklin, a techie who is now Head of Technology, Asia Pacific, and who moved to Sydney from Sophos's UK office in 2001, wistfully wishes he'd been part of the Sophos First Fleet in 1999.

"SophOz was the first Sophos subsidiary which was opened as a research and development centre, not just for sales purposes," explained Ducklin. "Now it is one of the four cornerstone offices in Sophos's global security response operations. My hat -- Akubra, of course -- comes off to my colleague and friend Rich Baldry, who now runs Sophos's Web Security team out of the Vancouver office. He planted the SophOz acorn ten years ago from which we've grown our current oak tree of talent. Here's to the next ten years!"


About Sophos

Sophos enables enterprises worldwide to secure and control their IT infrastructure. Our network access control, endpoint, web and email solutions simplify security to provide integrated defenses against malware, spyware, intrusions, unwanted applications, spam, policy abuse, data leakage and compliance drift.

With over 20 years of experience, we protect over 100 million users in nearly 150 countries with our reliably engineered security solutions and services. Recognized for our high level of customer satisfaction, we have an enviable history of industry awards, reviews and certifications. Sophos is headquartered in Boston, MA and Oxford, UK.

Sophos's head office for the Asia Pacific region is located in Sydney and features research and development, threat analysis and technical support facilities.