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Stack Panel Specializes in Wood Paneling Obtained from Sustainable Sources

Stack Panel is an Australian based company specialising in timber decorative feature walls and ceilings. Our panels, cladding and tiles are all manufactured from sustainable and FSC certified materials.

Wood has always been perceived as a symbol of wealth and sophistication. Stack Panel a premiere provider of decorative timber panels, tiles and cladding in sustainably-sourced, contemporary styles that are highly sought by architects and designers.

Stack Panel is a master of innovation and design. The company’s wood products are available in multiple styles, colors and finishes to complement existing décor or to create an entirely new look. Highly versatile, the wood is ideal for industries ranging from education, hospitality and retail to industrial and commercial applications to create environments that are highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Any interior can benefit from the glamorous and sophisticated appearance of wood opaneling. The paneling can be installed as part of new builds or retro-fitted for renovation projects. Stack Panel products provide a warm and inviting environment that only the timeless beauty of wood can provide. Wood paneling provides texture and depth, whether it’s used throughout a room or as an accent to create a custom look.

Stack Panel’s western red cedar paneling offers many practical benefits in addition to its rich, warm beauty. It provides exceptional acoustic properties and the wood’s density level enhances insulation abilities. It’s highly durable and resistant to shrinking, cupping, warping and termites. It can be installed vertically or horizontally to create a truly customized look. An added advantage is it’s resistant to the spread of fire.

Clear, crisp lines and exceptional durability makes decorative timber wall panels of western red cedar and western hemlock an ideal choice for outdoor usages. Both woods are an ideal choice for residential and commercial structures, outdoor living spaces, and internal feature walls that complements modern, contemporary design.

Stack Panel is a company with a conscience that’s committed to the environment. Its western hemlock and western red cedar for decorative timber panels, tiles and cladding are sourced in an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible manner. All the company’s products are crafted from materials that are Forest Stewardship Council-certified.

About Stack Panel
Stack Panel has been the preferred choice for architects, designers and builders across Australia and New Zealand for many years. Our innovative designs add unmatched style and visual impact to any project. No project is too large or small to take advantage of the design and versatility that our products deliver, from large commercial projects to small boutique jobs. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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