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investn.com.au - Start your property portfolio with just $15,000



Start your property portfolio with just $15,000


The Investn Group offers a brand new solution to begin investing in residential real estate with just $15,000 in savings. Those looking for an opportunity to get their foot in the door of the property market but don’t have a deposit - this is their chance. 

Buyers now have the opportunity to start a property portfolio with just $15,000. This is a brand new, game-changing strategy for first-time buyers to break into the Australian property market. Scott Fraser, Chief Executive Officer, founded The Investn Group knowing how challenging it is for first-time buyers to break into the Australian Property Market. 

“With Sydney median house prices being so high, it’s a very daunting thought for non property owners to consider how many years it will take to save for a deposit”

The Investn Group is the first company in Australia to start co-investing with individuals, where the company supplies the 10% deposit.

Buyers are not required to have a large cash deposit, but need to cover costs such as stamp duty, conveyancing, mortgage fees etc. The Investn Group researches the best property opportunities via a national property network. They complete due diligence to choose an investment-grade property with good cash flow, in quality growth corridors. Upon settlement, an external licensed property manager is appointed to manage the property.

The Investn Group works with individuals that have a gross income of at least $65,000 pa or $110,000 pa as a couple; be under full-time employment; have at least three months in their current employment; have a good credit history and $15,000 in savings. 

The company is limited to an intake of 20 new clients each month. The individual's $15,000 is used to cover the initial purchase costs and a buffer for any unexpected costs such as maintenance and repairs to the property if investors fall into financial hardship. 

The company’s private investment group, based in Sydney Australia, takes an ownership position with new owners for long term capital growth and rental income. 

The Investn Group is the first to innovatively change the game on how to break into the property market for those without a deposit. For more information visit investn.com.au or call 1300 446 445.


About Investn 

Investn helps people to successfully become a Rentvestor,  living in a suburb where they want to live and buying in an affordable growth location. Scott has been doing this since 2015 with only friends and family and has now opened this opportunity to the general public. 

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Scott Fraser
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