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Stay Hydrated with Summer Special from Big Wet Spring Water

A heatwave sweeping Australia has engulfed the country's densely-populated southeast, boosting temperature records and prompting fire bans. As the weather heats up, it's even more important to stay hydrated.

Natural spring water delivery service  Big Wet Spring Water Systems has made it easy for their customers to keep hydrated with a summer special on their water coolers. Melbourne customers can rent a water cooler for just $49for one year and a special bundle absolutely free.


The bundle includes a free-standing water cooler, cold and room temperature water dispensers, four, 15L natural spring water bottles, cup holders and a sleeve of cups. Customers also receive a $25 Coles Myer gift card. They can nominate a freestanding cooler or bench top cooler with their order. The price quoted excludes GST. The $49 is the cooler rental for the first year which reverts to $90 each year thereafter. The total deal $53.90 including GST.

Our bodies contain a high proportion of water, so when the temperature rises, and the body tries to cool itself by sweating, dehydration can occur, particularly in children. To combat the heat, it is important to increase fluid intake, and pay special attention to children, the elderly and pets. By the time one feels thirsty the body is already dehydrating so it is important to drink often. Staying indoors and using fans and air conditioning to stay cool is essential.

Filtered water from Big Wet provides an easy, safe, clean alternative to both tap water and bottled water, with very little disruption or effort on the part of the client. Systems are plumbed directly into the home or office water supply by qualified plumbers, so there is no risk of running out of water nor are there heavy bottles to lift. Big Wet’s products and service is available through an easy-to-understand fixed price system, avoiding any surprise bills or hidden costs.

For more information on water coolers Australia, water cooler bottle, water chiller, visit https://www.bigwet.com.au/

Big Wet can be contacted on 1300 699 965