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Stunning Easter Gifts From Give Plants NZ

For innovative and novel online gift-giving there is nothing that can beat a beautifully packaged and delivered plant or tree. Purchasing a unique gift for someone is often a challenge but the friendly team at Give Plants have some stunning ideas for a long-lasting, living gift. It may be a cliché but plants and trees really are a gift that ‘keeps on giving’. There are so many occasions on which the receipt of a beautiful, glossy plant would be the perfect gift, including the birth of a child (plant an olive tree now and harvest the fruit on their fifth birthday!) a christening, wedding-day, anniversary, birthdays, Christmas, house-warming and, of course, Easter.

For those who are thinking of surprising a friend or family member with a lovely gift for Easter, Give Plants have the perfect answer. By going to their ‘user friendly’ website at http://www.giveplants.co.nz it is possible to choose from a huge range of luscious plants, flowering plants and trees to consider as a special Easter gift. As Easter comes at the end of the financial year, it may be a good idea to think of rewarding your employees with a completely unexpected gift. Usually ‘the boss’ can’t think further than a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates, but imagine being the recipient of a beautiful flowering plant to take home and install out on the deck, ready to flower or fruit for the entire winter.

Think of a beautiful Chinese Star Jasmine, or the Firebirds ‘Red Baby’ for colour and verve. A beautiful and glossy lemon or lime tree will do the trick every time, not only adding colour and class to your back deck or garden, but eventually providing lemons and limes for those long, cool summer drinks. Autumn (and Easter) time is feijoa time and Give Plants have some healthy, robust feijoa trees ready to be sent to some lucky person.

Give Plants have designed their own corrugated cardboard boxes, which come in two sizes. They are made from 68% recycled paper and rest is from sustainable trees grown in New Zealand. The boxes are fully recyclable and are designed to protect the plant during delivery by locking the plant in place. They also look very smart when they are delivered. These boxes open easily and have slots inside to allow a greeting card to be added without the need to use glue or extra packaging. The professional team at Give Plants have thought of everything, so visit their website today to order a really cool gift for Easter.