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STX Technology introduces the new XRH v2 range of the Industrial Vehicle Mount Computer and Monitor Range

The updated XRH product line is exclusive for the Australian market


The ongoing improvement of our product lines is a main focus for STX Technology. Incorporating customer feedback with our progressive design ideas has produced an updated version of the XRH Vehicle Mount Range. Combining all the proven features of its predecessor, the new version comes in a completely redesigned enclosure with automotive power connectors.

The XRH v2 range products are offered in 2 different versions: all-in-one touch screen computers and touch screen monitors-only. The XRH7000 v2 in-vehicle PCs are a preferred choice for projects where limited space and maximum performance are the key factors. A compact, strong enclosure packed with the latest technology ensures reliable and effective operation in virtually any condition. The XRH4000 v2 monitor-only is a solution for clients with existing hardware, designed to enhance their existing equipment. This product offers a high-quality touch screen designed specifically for in-vehicle use.

The updated design presents a new silver colour finish on the strong aluminium enclosure. Its front panel (equivalent to IP65 waterproof rating) features the twin stereo speakers and a new set of controls to adjust the brightness of the screen. The rear side is home to the new 4 pin and 12 pin DT automotive power connectors as well as USB, Ethernet, GSM and GPS connectors (optional, available only for the XRH7000 v2). Another exclusive feature of the new XRH v2 is a Lithium Iron 1100mah battery as a power input option alongside the standard 8~33VDC input.

Both the XRH7000 v2 and XRH4000 v2 are available in screen sizes from 8 to 15 inches. Available with resistive touch displays offering a lifetime of over 100 million touches, wide viewing angle and 400 nits standard brightness. For extremely bright environments the screen can be optionally upgraded to 600 or 1000 nits. All units are available with a choice of RAM Ball or VESA mounting.

The XRH7000 v2 vehicle mounted touch computer is a logical evolution of the previous generation. It has the same key features such as a 2.0GHz Intel® Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD and an operating system of your choice. Available OS options are Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Linux and Android. All-in-one vehicle computers are available for configuration with upgrade options including Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G and GPS. 

The original XRH range will be available for purchase alongside the new XRH v2 for the near future. These options offer a wide choice for new customers as well as a legacy product for existing customers who want to add new units to their current project. The new XRH v2 is exclusive to the Australian market.

In 2018, STX Technology re-organised its product lines including X7000 Harsh Environment Touch Computer range and the X7200 Industrial Panel PCs range, introduced the new KB-range, presented new options for current products including updated CPU, RAM, SSD, more finish colours, new light sensor, connectors, power options and accessories.

STX Technology has a diverse product line-up including an extensive selection of Harsh Environment Touch Computers and Monitors, Industrial Panel PCs and Monitors, Large Format Computers and Monitors, Vehicle Mounted Computers and Monitors and Touch Screen Kiosks. For over 16 years STX Technology has provided industrial touch computing solutions to companies around the world. Contact the STX Technology Team for more information or to request a quote.


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