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Suncorp Metway selects E.piphanys personalisation software to enhance cross-sell & up-sell of finance products

E.piphany today announced that Suncorp Metway, Australias sixth-largest bank and seventh largest general insurer, has chosen the Real-Time Personalisation module of E.piphanys Customer Relationship Management suite, E.piphany E.5, to help it drive its cross-sell strategy.
Suncorp Metway, the largest listed company in Queensland, is expected to commence the implementation of E.piphanys Real-Time Personalisation software in June of this year. According to Suncorp Metway, almost 60,000 transactions are processed daily thorough 150 branches and its call centre, presenting a large opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell to customers making banking or insurance transactions. E.piphanys Real-Time Personalisation is planned to be rolled out across 526 different touch points throughout its selected branches, the call centre and its Internet banking site.

Suncorp Metway already has the highest cross-sell rate of the top six Australian banks, and plans to utilise E.piphany E.5s Real-Time Personalisation to increase the margin between it and its competitors. According to Roy Morgan Research, customers who nominate Suncorp Metway as their main financial institution have, on average, 3.41 products with the group, compared to NAB in second place with 2.49 products.

The beauty of the E.piphany software is that we can test hundreds of offers a day and see what is working with customers in real time, rather than waiting weeks to see the response as we do with direct mail, said Suncorp Metways Group General Manager of Distribution, Mark Blucher.

The E.piphany software will allow our frontline staff to deliver highly personalised sales or promotional offers to a customer making a banking or insurance transaction. The offers will be fully scripted and appear on the sales consultants computer screen. They will be very relevant to the customer and this should provide front line staff with a high level of confidence to make the offer, continues Mr Blucher.

E.piphany Real-Time Personalisation is a real-time decisioning engine developed to personalise customer and visitor interactions, and to make marketing offers to customers based on the likelihood of acceptance. The system combines real-time analytics, campaign management tools, and targeting capabilities tying together campaigns and offers across all customer channels and touch points.

The system incorporates real-time analytic technologies to provide an up-to-the-second profile of the customer for real-time matching with marketing offers. The system learns as it goes and based on the customer responses will adjust future offers.

Suncorp Metway is E.piphany's first financial services customer in Australia and they will draw on E.piphanys international experience with clients such as Wells Fargo,
Charles Schwab, Citibank and American Express.

Mr Blucher concludes Unlike some other banks, we will not be using the system to push a particular product for a set period. For example, some banks will offer customers credit cards for the month of April. We will use our customer information to only make offers that are useful and relevant to a particular customer at a particular point in time.

E.piphanys Real-Time Personalisation builds a real-time profile for each visitor or customer with information drawn from many sources. The system can pull from web clickstream data, customer databases, transaction systems, third-party data, and other sources. As each and every interaction is intelligently personalised, more visitors are converted into customers and customer loyalty increases.